Friday, February 16, 2018

Singles Day 2018

Welcome to Singles Day 2018! 

I have been hosting this for about six years and we have had TWELVE couples meet and marry! (You can read their updates HERE).  

Please read the basic rules and then link up! 

1.  If you have a single friend, a single co-worker, a single family member or YOURSELF - write a blog post about them (or you) and include lots of pictures and a good TRUE description.  When you link up - you will put their first name, age and state they live in.  

2.  I will get this question a lot - "I don't have a blog - how can I participate?"  It is EXTREMELY easy to set up a blog (nothing fancy).  So even if you don't blog - you could totally set up a blog with one post just for the purpose of participating.  Then you can delete the whole thing. OR You can visit the posts and if you see one you are interested in - leave a comment with your info and tell a little about yourself.  Hopefully you will hear something back. 

3. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: God knows and has a plan for how you will meet your mate. Maybe it's here but more than likely it's not.  If you post and no one leaves any comments - the last thing I want is for you to feel rejected. YOU ARE NOT!!! It will just be clear that your future spouse does not read my blog. ha! And if you comment on someone and don't hear back - DO NOT FEEL REJECTED.  That is just not the person for you.  I can't stand for anyone to feel rejected and I know how singleness can attack your self esteem (or maybe it was just me).  That is not what is happening here.  

4.  This is also important - I have absolutely NO control over how many guys vs girls there are or what ages people are.  I get emails complaining about ages or whatever and y'all - I have NO control!!!! I'm just praying for the best and that something amazing comes out of it. 

5. If you meet, date, get engaged and get married - you are required to invite me. Bridesmaid is optional.  (I'm totally kidding about this but I really hope you will let me know if anything happens.  It encourages me and others to keep going with this!)

6.  We get a LOT more single girls than guys posting which TOTALLY makes sense BUT remember - I doubt I have many single guys reading my blog unless someone directs them to check out the Singles day.  So just don't be upset if you don't get a lot of response.  The thing we need most is for people to share their single brothers/co-workers, BIL's, dad's, friends here.  So if you know ANY single GOOD guys - please share them with us!!! 

7. Questions? Leave a comment or email me ( I"m the worst person in the world at email but I will try to help. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Happy Valentines

We had a great Valentines Day! 

I always try to set up a little Valentines breakfast for the kids.  I bought them little toys on the clearance aisle at Walmart after Christmas and also got little cookies made by my friend Robin.  The cookies weren't their breakfast - just a treat for later! :- ) 

Will Holden opened his door, saw the Valentine stuff and immediately started crying and saying "NO Valentines".  Almost three year olds are awesome.  :- 0

He perked up a little for a picture after breakfast. 

And then was mad again.  He keeps us on our toes. ha! Notice the girls just keep smiling! 

I got cute teacher gifts from my friend Robin.  She is crazy talented! 

Laurie and I took coffee over to Susan's house this morning to visit her.  We have been trying to have lunch but all of our schedules are so crazy that this is the best we could do.  We had a good visit.  

I ran right after over to the girls' school to go to Valentines parties.  I ran Harper's party and then went to Hollis' party for about 10 min.  It's tough when the parties are all at the same time but do what we can!  My favorite thing ever is when all the kids come running up to me and want to talk to me.  

Thank goodness for $5 kits at Target!!!

I normally get a sitter for Will Holden during parties because it's hard to take a sibling but today that didn't work out so I took him.  He was actually pretty good so I was thankful.  He was proud to see his sisters at their school! 

Hollis' class made bags so that was easy.  Two of Hollis' friends ran up to tell me they were Hollis' BFF's.  I thought that was so sweet.  I'm so thankful she has made friends.  

Scott and the kids sent me beautiful flowers.  

Joseph came over after school to bring Hollis a special valentine.  So sweet.  We had dinner at home and tried to get everyone to bed early.  

Valentines is so much sweeter with little kids.  Even ones that don't love Valentines! 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Two Announcements

So I have two exciting things going on this week that I want you to know about!!! 

Back by popular demand - I'm hosting a Singles Day on Friday.  If you are new - this is something I have hosted for years.  Sounds crazy - but TWELVE couples have met and married this way.

Basically - I will have a post up on Friday and you can participate in one of two ways:

1.  Write a blog post about you or someone in your life who is single.  Tell about yourself (or your person) and show lots of pictures.  And give a way to contact you - whether through email or through comments.  IF you don't have a blog - it's SO easy to create a blog just for this purpose using  I'm happy to help you if you email me.  
On Friday - link up that blog post here! 

2.  Visit here on Friday and read the profiles.  If you find someone who you are interested in - contact them!! And then who knows??? And send all the single guys you know this way. We will get mostly ladies here and we need single guys for this to work.  

I will be answering questions through my insta stories so message me there or watch for more info! 

My VERY favorite brand of clothes is Matlida Jane.  I think they are so cute but what I love most is I have never had a brand of clothes hold up so well.  We have had outfits for YEARS through both girls and they still look brand new.  And they have a great resale value.  So honestly - they are WELL worth the money.  

I also love them now because they have a tween line 435 that works great for older girls.  

I wanted to host an online show because I'm the BIGGEST fan but also because right now if I host it - they will give 20% to the charity of my choice and I jumped at the chance to try and raise money for something that is very near to my heart.  I'm raising money for Aid the Silent.

This is a non profit I was recently introduced to.  They raise money to help kids who are deaf or hard of hearing have tools they need.  Hearing aids and FM systems are not covered by insurance.  I hate when I think about kids who don't have access.  Aid the Silent helps kids get hearing aids, FM systems, sign language lessons and other things.  They also send HOH/deaf kids to Christian camps.  It's such a special organization that I'm hoping we can get more involved with in the coming years.  

So if you want to get something cute for your girls - this is a great time because you will also be helping kids as you shop!!!! How great is that! 

Shop HERE and select me as your Jane when you check out!!!