Sunday, November 07, 2021

Life Lately

I gained an extra hour this weekend so I thought I would catch up a little on my blog.  I know it's been WEEKS!!! I'm not ready to completely shut it down yet.  I love having the memories to look back on.  I thought I would share a little of what we have been up to in October.  This is the first part.  We went to Universal for Fall break so I will do a separate post all about that maybe this week if I get time! All our sports ended last week so that frees up some time for me at night.  Just in time for basketball to start soon! ha! 

First of all - I'm LOVING my job.  Absolutely love it.  I honestly wasn't sure I would like being back at work but God blessed me with such a great position with great people and just perfect circumstances.  Honestly - I couldn't have dreamed up a better job for me.  I have loved being back in the business world and I'm slowly finding my way.  Balance has been tricky but I think that's just life.  And it's working out.  I just have to find ways to make it work.  

The kids are all doing great! Me working hasn't fazed them too much.  I'm still around when they need me.  They are all doing really well in school.  (Well WH talks too much and isn't interested in school but NO ONE is surprised by that).  The girls both have great grades.  They are just easy good kids and I count myself SO lucky.  They have really good friends from school and they all have made amazing friends at church.  

We are OBSESSED with our new church home.  It's been the best thing that has ever happened to us.  This is another thing that has been completely God ordained and I can't thank Him enough.  Our kids are just flourishing.  I see them taking pages of notes during sermons and texting their friends about what they are learning about God.  Harper is going on a mission trip on spring break and I'm so happy to see her growing in her spiritual walk.  And Scott and I have grown so much as well.  I'm just grateful for the revival that has taken place in our home.  

We have had busy weekends with kid activities but sometimes we find time to just hang with friends and that's the best of times.  

Hollis and her sweet group of friends went to a party one weekend.  She has come out of her shell so much this year and it's been amazing to watch! 

Will Holden had a great football season.  Scott was assistant coach.  

One of my best friends came to town for a super hot minute and I was so glad to get to spend time with my people.  The ones who know me best.  

Harper just finished volleyball season.  She had never touched a ball until this season.  When she did try outs she couldn't serve at all.  In her last game - she was probably the best server on the team.  She LOVED playing and did so well.  She wants to continue so I hope we can find a place for her.  

I got to go to a fundraiser dinner one night outside on the Bentonville square. It was just the most wonderful time.  It helped raise money for a food truck that feeds the needy. I love their mission and the people who are behind it.  

Just trying to be hipsters.  ha! I never thought I would see the day when Bass Pro and Carharrt are fashion brands. ha! 

Harper went to Tulsa with friends to see Toby Mac on a school night.  She didn't get back until 1:30 a.m.  That was a real growing experience for both of us! ha! She had the time of her life! We are super close to teenage years and honestly so far I'm LOVING it! 

We had dinner with some friends one night and it was so fun.  I feel like I don't have time for friends right now but I'm grateful for friends who haven't given up for me in this season.  They constantly text and try to make something work and I have been thankful for that even when I have to say "I can't" a lot.  I always say "keep asking".  It would be easy just to give up or let friendships slide but true friendship makes it work. 


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