Thursday, July 15, 2021


Last Monday, bright and early after we had been up late for the 4th, we dropped our girl off to head to Junior High church camp.  

She was so excited! I wanted to stick around and watch the busses drive off but we are in junior high now. ha! No one was doing that so I let her fly.  

They went to Falls Creek in OK which is amazing and big! 

To say she had a good week would be a huge understatement.  She got so close with several of the girls.  She re-committed her life to Christ.  She told me she really feels like she knows how to hear from God now.  She's been listening to worship music non stop and texting her friends about God.  She is on a camp high and I'm loving it.  

While she was gone - I tried to do fun things with the other two.  Hollis had a LOT of friend dates.  It was good for her to get to have friends over.  We went  for ice cream on the square.  

We got our first snow cone of the summer.  

She had more friend dates! 

I met my friend Paige and Will Holden gets three for the price of one with them! We went to a park/splash park and then had lunch.  It's always fun with this group of crazy boys! 

Hollis had a day at the farm with her friend.  

And she even had a sleep over.  We have met a family at church who have kids the same sex and ages as ours.  Our girls are days apart.  And all the kids have hit it off and I love the parents.  So we had got to have dinner Friday night with them and then the middle girls got a sleep over since big sisters were at camp together.  

And then Saturday we picked Harper back up.  When she got off the bus and hugged me she said "it was the best week of my life".   I'm so thankful! 

Tuesday night - I'm doing a fun "camp" themed livestream.  Laurie is joining me.  It will be like a night of being in a camp cabin with me and Laurie.  We will talk camp songs, camp food, laugh a lot and we want you to join us!! We are doing this with Compassion and by sponsoring a child - you will get a ticket to watch the livestream. 

More importantly - sponsoring a child is one of the best things you can do.  We sponsor three and I have been on two trips with Compassion and have seen how your money makes a direct impact on your kid by meeting their physical needs - food, school, supplies, clothes - and because it's all done through local churches - those churches get to share Jesus with the families that they are helping.  It's the Gospel in action in a very real way.  Pray about sponsoring a kid.  The pandemic has MAJORLY impacted these areas in poverty.  Food shortages and work shortages are worse than ever.  Compassion has been able to be a life saver in the last year and a half and it's because of people like you who give to change a child and a family's life forever.  This is a tangible way to be a missionary.  

Sign up HERE - you won't regret it.  And then wear your best camp outfit and bring your best camp snacks and join me and Laurie next Tuesday!!


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