Monday, June 14, 2021

Weddings, Baseball and Parks

On our way back from the beach last weekend, we stopped in south AR at Scott's parents and spent the night.  And then Scott and I came home Sunday and left the kids there! Scott's parents always like to keep the kids in the summer for a week so this seemed like the perfect time.  It was nice to come home from vacation and get everything back in order at home with a quiet house - I'm not going to lie. ha! 

And we snuck in a few dates.  We actually went out one night but we just spent time watching baseball together or going on bike rides alone.  It was nice.  But we did miss the kids! 

I got to have lunch and celebrate my friend Paige's birthday too! I also had a lot of work to do and get caught up on so it was a nice quiet week to do that! 

Friday, the Stamps brought the kids home.  We ate dinner and watched the Hogs play baseball that night.  Saturday we decided to head to downtown Rogers to check out a new park.  It was SOOOOO hot.  Burn the sun hot.  But I guess summer is here.  

The new park is SO nice and different and is right downtown.  I haven't been over there in probably a year or so.  Will Holden loved it.  It also has a splash park.  It wasn't very crowded which we enjoyed.  The farmer's market was also going on and it wasn't crazy so we walked around that too.  

There is actually a lot of great stuff in downtown Rogers if you come to visit or just live here! 

Then we went over to Lake Atalanta.  It's just down the road and has two awesome playgrounds and an amazing trail around the lake.  We like to ride our bikes or walk around the trail.  

It was super hot so we didn't walk far and then we went back downtown to eat lunch.  It was a nice morning.  

We watched the Hogs play again and then the girls and I went to a wedding for one of our teachers.  She was always so sweet to Hollis and Hollis ADORED her so it was special to get to watch her get married.  

Scott's not a fan of weddings but these two are so it's fun to go with them.  The wedding was outside and we sweat to death but it was so sweet and pretty! 

We had a great time! 

Sunday we went to church and then we did something we haven't done in a year and a half and we have MISSED! We went to an actual movie in an actual theatre.  Popcorn and all.  It was glorious! I have missed the movies so much! 

Sadly then we came home to watch the Hogs lose.  I'm not ready to talk about that.  It was a tough loss.  But such a great team of good boys and I'm so proud of them.  They made me love baseball which was not an easy task.  They also made our state have something to be so happy about and brought us all together and I love that! 

And now we are full on starting summer here at our house.  We have a lot on the agenda and a lot of things up in the air.  


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