Friday, February 19, 2021

Snow Days

I read this morning that every state but FL has snow right now.  It's SO crazy.  The sun is out today and it's warming up so we are planning to get out today.  And we are doing our last day of virtual school today (thank goodness!)

I"m praying for everyone in Texas to have power and water today.  I know this has been a nightmare for most of Texas.  I've been thinking about everyone non stop.  

I mean this kind of weather is just crazy for the south.  

I got out Tuesday between storms to get my hair done (priorities) (actually my poor hair girl was having to reschedule everyone so I was happy to get out to help her with her schedule) and I went to the grocery store.  I was able to get what we needed but they were out of so much! 

I know this is nothing compared to what Texas stores look like right now.  

But this gave me a little bit of PTSD from last March/April.  I will NEVER forget what it felt like to shop in those early days of cover when I wasn't used to masks and the stores were so empty - it felt like being in a terrible movie.  

We got a lot more snow on Wednesday.  The crazy thing is south AR who never gets snow got so much more than we did - some places got around 15 inches.  It's crazy to see.  

It warmed up Wednesday afternoon and we went out and played! 

Mili and her sweater loved it

I made the kids take some pictures.  You can't take snow pictures very often in Arkansas! 

These girls are growing so fast! They have spent their snow days face timing with friends, watching TV and just hanging out together.  I'm so thankful they are so close.  

Will Holden had another friend come over to play yesterday.  He has been stir crazy so it helped to have a friend hang out with him. 

This snow has been so pretty but I'm ready for it to move out and for spring to come.  We got two weeks at home and that was plenty! 

Hope you have a good weekend and stay safe and warm! 


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