Thursday, January 21, 2021

Tween Room Makeover

The girls have been asking for a little room do over so we gave them one for Christmas.  They just really had out grown their bunk beds.  I loved this sweet little room but they needed a change.  It's small and they have to share so we wanted to make it a space they like being in.  

This was the before

The first thing I did was get rid of the bunks.  They were great for a season.  

Then we painted this beige room white.  This was a process.  We probably spent the first entire day patching holes and sanding and cleaning the walls and baseboards and doors well. And taping and taking off the doors.  It was a job.  Also I'm thankful for Scott.  He is a perfectionist and does things well.  I on the other hand would have gone in and slapped on paint in an hour.  ha! 

This was mid paint.  Before we painted all the trip and all the doors.  We used Sherwin Williams pure white and it was REALLY white.  Once the room was done - the rest of our house looked so dingy by comparison.  But their room is so pretty and white! 

I bought these antique beds years ago from a local store.  I painted them Very Teal by SW.  This was mid paint job but I loved how they turned out.  

We did one wall in Opalhouse peel and stick wallpaper from Target.  It's basically like contact paper.  It's a little less permanent than real wallpaper so it should come down easily if we want to change in a few years.  Scott hung it and he might have complained a few times.  Or a million.  He hated the stuff but it really looks good and makes a statement in the room.  The girls and I love it! 

This is the room after.  We still need a few things like a dresser under the TV and some fun throw pillows.  We wanted a boho chic look.  I feel like it looks so much better in person but you can see how it's changed! 

The curtains are a dark teal color and they are velvet blackout.  They look dark blue in these pictures but they are a pretty teal color.  They keep their room dark but add some color! 

The rug came from Target and it matches the beds and curtains.  I love it.  

We have had their bedding for years.  It came from Target.  I love white bedding - especially with kids because you can throw it in with some bleach and wash it.  I got the blush colored comforters for $20 from Target.  They are a crinkled material and are so cute.  The girls like to use them to cuddle up with when they read or watch TV.  

I found this Opalhouse lamp from Target and it matches the comforters perfectly and is so cute! 

I found this shelf at Walmart.  

We had the shelf and I found the mirror at Target.  

I found the desk at Walmart and it was just the right size for a little corner in their room.  They love to have a place to do school work or craft or write.  The big frame I have had forever and I got off a website that doesn't exist anymore.  We found the desk chair at Target.  

Scott mounted their TV and I'm just looking for the right thing to go underneath.  And on the floor are LED lights they got for Christmas.  They went them hung but I'm not super stoked about putting LED lights on their freshly painted walls.  But I guess we will at some point.  

The best part of it all is Scott and I are still speaking after doing a major home project. ha ha ! 


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