Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Cadillacs and Prayer Walks

I'm still catching up on blogging the last week or two.   

We decided while in CO that we wanted to come home a different way.  So we left Friday and started home from Estes Park.  First we stopped in Boulder and drove around University of CO because college campuses are fun.  

And we love college football so of course we had to see the stadium.  We just peeked in through a fence.  It is beautiful! 

We saw the football team practicing too.  

Then we drove through Denver and saw the Broncos stadium.  I just took a picture from the road.  We also stopped at Ikea which turned into a disaster because it's so hard to get out of that place if you aren't buying anything.  It was fun to look but a little crazy.  

We decided we wanted to drive through a tip of New Mexico and go to Amarillo.  Scott had been there when he was about Harper's age but I had never been.  Driving through West Texas on a Friday night really reminded me of Friday Night Lights.  We got to Amarillo pretty late but we were set on eating at the Big Texan.  That's the place you get a 72 oz steak free if you eat it in an hour.  It's just an iconic location.  

These cowboys came to our table and sang Meryl Haggard and it couldn't have been more Texas in that moment.  

It was for sure an experience.  We stayed in a nice hotel downtown which was our nicest place to stay and I just booked it on the road that day.  

The next morning - we hit another iconic spot - the Cadillac Ranch.  

The kids loved this! Will Holden lost his mind getting to spray paint.  People just leave cans everywhere so he had about 4 cans at a time spraying everything.  He was covered in paint when we left which thankfully I had several containers of wipes with me.  

It was windy but fun.  We spent the rest of the day driving through Texas and Oklahoma and finally to Arkansas and home.  We had a great trip! 

The next afternoon - my friend Paige had planned a prayer walk around our town square.  I was so proud of her to hear this call and follow through and she planned it so well.  The weather was not good so we didn't have as many people as we had hoped but just to have a small crowd socially distanced in masks and praying over our town and country was amazing.  Our mayor even came and prayed with us which made me so thankful! 

We walked to several spots and had 7 different key things we prayed for.  

It started raining about halfway through so we ended up going back to our first stop that was covered and finished praying.  

I have my phone out because I was reading verses out loud for us.  It was a great experience and I'm thankful for a faithful friend who led us.  

I'm praying so much over so much right now.  I know we all are.  


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