Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Football and Friends

We had a real low key weekend.  After a busy week where I worked every day - I needed to catch up one life.   We hung out at home Friday night.  Will Holden made us a restaurant and told us he was making us a "romantic dinner".  ha! 

Saturday morning, Will Holden had a football game.  We realized that the team we were playing was being coached by a former NFL player who was on the cover of Madden - Peyton Hollis.   It was fun to see him coaching since we are fans.  

We are also fans of this little guy.  He played center and got a lot of snaps.  He did much better this week than last.  Less twirling and playing with his wrist guard and more actual running.  He's the youngest on his team so he has nowhere to go but up! 

Little boy football is just super entertaining. 

I spent the rest of Saturday doing laundry and cleaning the house.  It really piles up on me during the week and there just aren't enough hours in the day.  

We met the Ormons for dinner on Saturday night.  We haven't all been out to eat in over six months.  It was nice to spend time together.  And YES - our kids have grown.  Harper is almost as tall as me.  

They aren't little girls anymore.  

And I find pictures like this on my phone. ha! 

Sunday we went to church and my friend Marci and her family were there and I was so excited.  We both cried.  We haven't really seen them in the last six months and it just felt so good to see them in person! I cried a lot in church.  There were just a lot of emotions.  

Yesterday I subbed in one of my favorite classes.  I have been in the same SPED class three times now.  They are so organized and I love how they work with the kids and they are all so friendly.  I felt right at home! 

And here we are - the first day of fall! 


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