Tuesday, July 07, 2020


Well we are officially Bentonvillians (even though we have lived here 17 years) because we now have a bike rack to carry our bikes. ha! Bentonville is becoming the bike capital of the world.  We have amazing bike trails all over town and all you see are people on bikes everywhere.  We made fun of it for a long time and then we joined them.  Because in this stupid pandemic - what else can you do? We actually really enjoy it.  We ended up renting an extra bike last weekend so Scott's dad could go on a ride with us.  If you ever need to rent a bike or need bike help - go to Mojo Biking here in town.  They are great! 

Sunday was Scott's dad's 75th birthday! So mid morning we took him on a trail ride.  We stopped at the creek to cool off and play because the kids love it! 

The adults like it too! 

Unfortunately we only made it 3 our of 8-9 miles because Scott's bike chain broke.  So he had to take my bike home and get his truck to come pick us all up.  Oh well.  It was super hot so we weren't all that sad.  

We had lunch and cake and presents after that. 

That night we took them out to eat at Louise at the airport.  Even though it was 90 degrees, you can sit outside in the shade and there is a breeze and it's actually very pleasant and you can watch the planes fly in and out.  

This quinoa salad with salmon is so good.  Of course so are the pimento cheese hushpuppies. ha! 

Me and my sweet girl! 

We had a great time! Scott's parents went home yesterday morning.  We hadn't seem them since Christmas and they were so happy to see the kids especially.  

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