Friday, May 08, 2020

Tents and Hail

This week hasn't been anything too interesting.  We are pushing our way through the end of school online.  The end is near!!! We only have 2 weeks left.  I can't believe it! The girls signed up on kids messenger so they could text their cousin which has been fun.  They found a lot of school friends on there so now they (especially Hollis who hasn't been talking much with friends) are able to FaceTime and talk and I think that has been a big light in our week.  

Monday night we had Dream Big Tents bring their fun set up.  They have so many cute themes and it's so fun for a sleepover.  If you are in NWA and want to just do something fun for your kids as a surprise or if they can't have a birthday party and you want to make it special - they are dropping off for you to set up yourself right now.  Normally they will come to your house and set it up and clean it up but for now they will do this.  

They LOVED this! It was so fun for them and just made our whole week special! 

See the big smiles? You need to check out Dream Big Tents or put them in your pocket for after all this - I've already promised the girls we can do this for a friend sleepover when we can. 

They have boy themes too! And WH loved it as much as his sister! 

I know a lot of you use Ibotta and have been waiting for this (ESPECIALLY right now) - you can finally use it with walmart pickup and delivery!!!! I just got the notice this week and knew you would be excited!!! 

If you aren't using IBotta - you need to!! I got $11 back this week just from buying the things I had planned on! That's just one trip.  You can get a % back every time you shop too.  It's a fun way for me to save up money! 

We had the craziest hail storm this week.  I haven't seen so much hail before and it lasted so long! And now it looks like we may be getting a new roof. 

We took the kids to a kids bike park one day this week.  They had never been on it and it was a lot of fun.  We had planned to ride/walk the trails near by and Harper fell off and got hurt (she's ok) but she was ready to go home.  It was a good outing though.  

Milli was happy to get out too! 

Yesterday was the annual Bentonville Mayor's Prayer Breakfast.  My friend Susan spoke.  Originally I was supposed to speak with her but then when it went online it was just easier for her to speak.  It was really neat to watch and see so many business and faith leaders sharing scripture and praying in our community.  So encouraging.  

Saw this sign at Starbucks yesterday.  They had a lot of signs of encouragement leading up to it.  I loved that! 

I had to go to Springdale yesterday to pick up our taxes (which not sad that they got moved out this year) and I was very close to Euna Mae's so I texted Amy and asked if she was working and could she use a sonic drink? I had the kids and Milli with me (because we all load up in the car and they never get out but at least it's new scenery).  I dropped it off and she gave the kids some cookies.  We just got close for half a second to take a picture but it was SO good to stand outside and talk for a few minutes.  I was so happy to see a friend and catch up.  We really need people.  

I hope you are doing okay where ever you are and how ever life is looking right now.  Better days are ahead! 

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