Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Sharing life in a pandemic

I have been blogging weekly for 15 years.  I love just writing about the mundane every day stuff.  I love having a way to look back and have all my memories documented and I've been a pretty open book all of these years.  The last month or two - I have found it difficult to blog.  I want to have memories of what this time was like but 1.  there is really not all that much to talk about.  We don't do much and every day is sort of the same.  I don't take a lot of pictures and so I feel like I have less to blog about.  

But also 2.  I feel like we are all too quick to scrutinize each other right now.  We have been staying home and haven't been going out much even though our state is opened up.  We have followed all of our state guidelines with a super err on the cautious side.  But since every state and area is different - what I may do that is totally okay here is going to look different than what you might think is okay.  I've had people get mad because we went to trails and walked when that was not only okay here but encouraged.  And then some people question why we don't get out and go to restaurants since we can.   So it all makes me not want to share.  

I guess what I would say is give everyone a little grace.  Let's all try to do our parts but we if we don't have to stay locked up and can carefully get out - just use good sense! This is clearly a marathon and not a race and it's not going away any time soon.  It's hard enough without being tough on each other.  

Last week Will Holden had his preschool graduation.  It was one thing I was so sad we were going to miss.  It was always such a special day for my girls.  I came to terms with it and was really okay that it wouldn't happen.  

But his preschool is such a special place.  They went above and beyond.  They set up appointments for every kid.  They would come to your house or you could go there and they set up a special area and played pomp and circumstances and just made it so sweet for the kids.  

We will not forget how special that was or how special the preschool was.  My kids have been there for 11 years and it's going to be so strange to not pull up there a few times a week any more.  What a blessing it was to our family.  

In the middle of the pandemic, Scott started a new job.  He has been working at home since March 13.  He took off two weeks between jobs and had a little break.  If things were different - we would have gone on a trip or do something fun while he had time off but instead it was just a lot of family time and projects and he went to his deer camp for a few days - his favorite way to socially distance.  Starting a new job when you can't go to an office is been very different but hopefully this is going to be a great change for him.  

It was our best friend Steve's birthday last week so we did a drive by and dropped off his favorite donuts and said hi.  

Saturday we went on a long walk and the kids rode their bikes.  We had a lot of rain last week and it was also super cold a few days but the weather is finally getting warm and sunny and it really feels like summer is starting! 

Will Holden spends a lot of time outside playing.  He is always hoping someone will come by.  He just misses people.  

This is our last week of school.  Online school has been fine and the teachers have gone WAY BEYOND but it's not the best for probably any kid.  But we are doing what we can.  I'm trying not to think about what next year will look like or I get super depressed and overwhelmed.  I have heard so many things and I hate them all.  Especially with Will Holden starting kindergarten.  I don't know what it's going to look like but I'm not going to spend all summer worrying.  I'm just going to pray and let God be in control and we will face it the best we can! 

I hope you are having a great week! 

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