Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Mother's Day

I hope y'all had a happy Mother's day.  

I know it's a hard day for many of you and I want to acknowledge that first.  If you are still single and wanting to be married and a mom.  If you are going through infertility and the waiting is wearing you out.  If you have experienced loss.  If you have lost a child or your own mom.  If you had a mother that was less than ideal.  I'm sorry if the day is painful for you.  I know how it feels and I haven't forgotten.  

And for all of those who love being a mother but know it's a hard job.  A rewarding and wonderful but hard job - solidarity! Especially right now in the quarantine.  It's a whole new level of parenting! 

I am so grateful for these three.  I love them so much I can hardly breathe.  Sometimes I can't believe they are mine.  I had a really good Mother's day.  

We watched church in the morning and they gave me a sweet card.  

Our church gave out plants so we picked up one and two for a couple of widows in our church and delivered them.  

We face timed both of our grandmothers to wish them a happy day! 

It was a beautiful day and what I really wanted was to go on a long walk.  I got in 6 miles and listened to podcasts and it was glorious.  

Walks look different these days.  

I picked up my favorite take out from Local Lime for us to have for dinner.  

My MIL sent me perfume and Hollis made me the sweetest coupon book.  It's full of tons of coupons.  It might be my sweetest gift ever.  Hollis always does the most thoughtful things for me.  

I got myself a few plants for our porch.  

And I just spent a lot of time with my people.  We have been spending a lot of time together in general lately.  Which mostly has been a gift.  

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