Monday, April 27, 2020

Birthdays and Bikes

Friday was Will Holden's birthday! He's five and I can't believe it.  It really has flown by.  I remember when he was born thinking "if I can just survive until he goes to kindergarten".  I don't love the baby/toddler stages like a lot of people do - I like about age 4 on.  It seemed at the time like it would be forever but it was so fast.  He has been looking forward to his birthday since about summer.  He talks about it daily.  And constantly had new plans for what he wanted to do for his birthday and all the friends he wanted to invite.  So when I knew we weren't going to be able to have a party - I felt so sorry for him.  Thankfully - it turned out to be a really fun day.  

He really wanted donuts and pizza.  So I ordered these fun donuts and got up super early to pick them up.  He loved them.  We let him open presents first thing so he could have all day to play.  

He was a little excited! 

We hung up a few decorations outside! Nothing fancy.  

I texted a few moms last minute and invited them to come by.  A few moms had already offered.  I think any chance to get out of the house makes everyone happy! I was so thankful so many of Will Holden's friends came to see them.  And they brought the sweetest little treats for him.  It was just so thoughtful and he felt so special.  He told me it was the best birthday ever.  This is a year we will never forget.  All the birthday parades - they bring tears to my eyes.  Honestly there is something very special about how everyone shows up to celebrate each other.  

I got him a tiny little Transformer birthday cake and he was so happy.  He facetimed with all our family and the man who runs our preschool service at church shares a birthday with him and he face timed him right before bed.  It was so sweet and especially when WH told him "I wish I could go to church".  I'm so thankful that he feels that way.  

Saturday was so beautiful.  We have been trying out some bikes so we took the family on a bike ride. Will Holden literally learned how to ride a bike on Wednesday and we ended up doing an 8 mile ride.  I haven't really rode a bike since I was maybe 14 so I was SORE afterwards.  But it was a lot of fun.  We have kind of mocked all the bikers in our town (it's HUUUUGGGGEEE where we live) and somehow quarantine has pulled us in.  None of Scott's friends can believe it.  I was just so proud of Will Holden for doing that long of a ride.  

We really have the most beautiful trails.  It's so fun to ride or walk and then stop and play in creeks.  Nothing makes me happier than a beautiful day and being outside.  

These girls make everything fun.  

I also did a 3 mile walk on Saturday alone.  It was nice to be alone and listen to podcasts and just see the beautiful sky.  

I almost forget we are in a pandemic when I get out there.  

I'm loving this shirt from my friend Eunamae's.  It sums up my motto for right now.  I'm not always full of joy - trust me - but I'm trying to be.  

My friend that lives on a farm brought me by some fresh eggs and jelly she made.  I was so thankful! Could we be any more opposite? She's delivering cows while I'm watching TV.  ha! 

Can you believe we are moving into the 7th week of this? It's starting to feel like we have some light. I know it could get better than get worse and I know it could be a while still but it just feels like there is more hope than I felt several weeks ago.  

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