Monday, March 16, 2020

Happy Birthday Hollis

Today my middle girl is NINE!!!!!! 

I can hardly believe this little curly headed dimple sweet thing is nine today! 

Nine means she is half through being raised by us.  I can't think about that too long or I will sob.  She was our easiest baby from the very beginning.  We love to tell her that.  Harper had such a traumatic birth and Will Holden was NOT EASY in the hospital but Hollis was so good and quiet we barely knew she was there from the very beginning.  She's our shy and quiet girl.  She keeps all her feelings and words to herself.  The other two constantly talk and tell us all the things but Hollis keeps a lot in. But she's a very loyal friend.  And so smart and clever and FUNNY! She is organized and so helpful. I just adore her so much.  She is a joy to parent.  

Last weekend we had her birthday party.  We had it early because it was supposed to be a busy month.  Now I'm SO grateful and I've said it several times that we celebrated early because we had no idea how life was going to change so quickly.  We will spend today at home in isolation.  We plan to pick up Chick-fil-a for a birthday lunch since we are all at home and that's what she wants.  It will be a simple day but one we won't ever forget.  

Harper and I were happy to celebrate her last week.  

We had her birthday at the local trampoline park.  That's what she had wanted for months.  

She had sweet friends come and they had so much fun jumping.  

Hollis had the best time! 

These are sweet friends from church and school.  

She wanted a cookie cake and thank you to Sam's for their double doozie cookie cakes! 

It was a lot of fun.  

We went to Chili's afterwards with the Ormon at Hollis' request.  I'm so glad we got to celebrate her when we could.  

I am so grateful to be Hollis Barrett Stamps' mom.  If she wasn't my daughter - I would want her to be my friend because I just like her as a human.  

Happy birthday Hollis! We love you more than you will ever know! 

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