Thursday, February 20, 2020

Love is in the Air

I've been pretty consumed with Singles over on instagram (In case you don't know. ha haha) It's pretty much my life 24/7 but I do have a husband, 3 kids and a puppy who need a lot of my time - I just haven't talked about them in the last week. ha! 

Last week Will Holden had his last preschool valentine's party.  The last preschool valentines party for this family ever.  It's making me a little sad.  He was so Excited!!! 

I was SO excited last week to be on Jamie Ivey's podcast.  She's my favorite podcast that I have been listening to for years.  We talked a lot about Singles Day which was fun! You can listen to it HERE

Hollis had her Valentines party on Friday.  I'm room mom with 2 of my friends and this was my party to run.  She also got to have lunch with her best friend and her teacher (who I think she thinks is her best friend - she seriously has the most amazing teacher this year).  She was SO excited about the day that I got up at 4 a.m. to take Milli outside and she was up, dressed and had her bed made and smiling from ear to ear.  

The kids always talk about how I always make a special Valentines breakfast and have treats for them and usually balloons.  I did that when they were little and it has stuck with them so I can't let them down.  I didn't do balloons this year but I did have a few treats.  I'm glad they have happy memories even though I'm not a pinterest mom.  

Middle School doesn't do Valentines.  Harper was a little bummed but that's part of growing up.  

I love these girls! 

 I grilled steaks for Scott and I and ordered heart shaped pizza for the kids and we went around the table and told all the things we loved about each other.  Maybe it wasn't a romantic night out but I couldn't have been happier.  

Saturday we had a low key day at home and then went for an early dinner and a movie.  

We saw Sonic the Hedgehog.  I pretty much only get to kids movies these days.  I can't even bother to watch the Oscars because I've never even heard of what's nominated.  But as far as kids movies go - this one wasn't painful.  And WH sat still the whole time which is big.  He loved it.  

I just love being with these kids.  

Sunday we were at church basically all day and I didn't take one picture.  

If you are single and aren't following @kellykornersingles - you need to! And if you know ANY SINGLE GUYS - this is the place for them!!! Just a little plug! 

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