Thursday, February 06, 2020

A little of this and that

Last week Will Holden had the flu and so we spent all week at home.  I had to cancel a few things but honestly I was thankful for a week to slow down and be at home.  I get stir crazy but I'm grateful for little boy and puppy snuggles.  

We finally got out at the end of the week once he wasn't contagious.  He likes to be out doing things and around people more than me so we has happy! 

Saturday morning Hollis woke up with a headache and a low fever.  Normally I wouldn't do anything but I ran her straight to the doctor because I didn't want it to turn into flu.  They didn't even test her - just treated her like she had it.  I don't know if she actually did or if it was a SUPER mild case - but she was totally fine by Sunday.  Thankfully! 

Sunday Scott, Harper and Will Holden went to church and Hollis and I stayed home and laid low.  

We didn't go to a Super Bowl party but Harper went to one and had the best time.  At first she didn't want to go because "I don't really like football" but I don't think she even saw the game.  They had pizza and bounce houses and they didn't want to leave.  

Milli is terrorizing our house chewing on everything.  Harper uses this microphone - it goes with her hearing aids and connects to her iPad so she is able to watch TV and it goes straight to her aids.  She LOVES it.  Well Milli got ahold of it while she was at the super bowl party and I got so stressed (and Harper CRIED when I told her) because it costs a lot of money but the best news is all we had to buy was a new cord/antennae off amazon for $20 and it already came and works great! We have to keep everything out of reach.  #puppies

I work part time for a ministry and some days this looks like meeting Susan in a parking lot to sit in the car and go over things and film videos.  ha! I'm thankful to have work I can do around my family.  

I registered this guy for kindergarten this week.   I can't believe it! When he was born it really did seem like it would take forever for him to go to school and yet it really did fly by.  He's going to need the armor of God next year! He will be the class clown and have a million friends! 

A lot of you always ask what mascara I have or if my lashes are just really long.  My secret is exertions.  I've had them for a couple of years and they are just life changing for me.  I get them done about once a month but I was behind with all the sickness but I got them done this week.  You can see what a difference they make.  I took these pictures right before and right after.  I have teeny little eyes so I love anything that makes them feel a little bigger.  

Hope ya'll are having a good week!!! 

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