Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A bunch of random

Here's a little bit of random stuff for Tuesday.  

Milli had a little Poop issue last week.  We had to take her to the vet.  $100 later and she was just fine.  ha! People keep asking me to post about having a puppy and how to train them and all I can really say is Don't Do It.  Or at least pray REAL HARD before you get one. ha! She's cute and I know we will love her in our family for years to come but I just wasn't prepared for how much work she would be.  Just when my kids all got pretty independent and life was getting easier - BOOM.  It's like I had twin toddlers all again.  

Harper went to a sleepover birthday party with one of her besties Friday night.  She spent the night with her the Sunday night before that too.  She has been gone a lot to friends' houses and it's so weird to just have Hollis and WH at home.  

I keep telling them this is what it will be like when Harper goes to college.  At least they still like onesie pj's. ha! 

Hollis had a roller skating party Saturday.  She had SO much fun! I love roller skating - I was a little jealous! 

The rest of us went to get Will Holden shoes and shin guards because he starts soccer this Saturday which should be entertaining.  Harper and I stopped off at the mall because she had a gift card to spend.  I love that she is at an age where she enjoys shopping.  I wish we got more time just the two of us to shop.  

Hollis and one of her sweet friends at the party.  

Sundays right now we spend almost all day at church.  The kids are in a spring musical and they both have solos so they have to be back at 3 in the afternoon and then I teach GA's so we don't get home until after 6.  It's all a lot of fun! 

Look how much Milli has grown in 2 months! 

Last night my friend Susan spoke at a women's event about 30 miles away so I went with her.  They had salad and a baked potato bar which I thought was such a great idea.  Ladies broth desserts and they looked amazing! 

It was a great night and I always love spending time with Susan and this was at my friend Sharon's church.  Her mom rode with us and we had the best time! 

This is a crazy busy week for me! Everything kind of fell into one week.  And then it will be MARCH! 

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