Tuesday, September 24, 2019

What's been happening!

I've had a busy last few days!  Scott went on a guy's trip on Thursday at lunch and came back Sunday night.  While he was gone......we had a lot going on.  

Friday I had a meeting with Susan and Jesse from Branches who is helping us with Tangible Truth Ministries.  Susan and I went to lunch afterwards until it was time to pick up kids.  

Right after school, we picked up Harper's best school friend for a sleep over.  She is such a sweet girl and I love her family too.  We had a great time with her.  

I took the kids to eat and then they wanted to go to the mall to Claire's.  Please check out their matching outfits, tall socks and shoes. ha ha! They found shell necklaces at claire's and squealed! 

Will Holden was smitten with her.  He kept saying "you are beautiful" and held the door open for her everywhere we went.  Bless his heart - he's going to have a lot of older girls come through our house over the next few years and a lot of crushes.  

We came home and the girls watched a movie and had a spa night.  We did face masks and I painted their nails and braided their hair.  

Harper has the THICKEST hair.  Look how much thicker her braids are.  

Saturday morning we had soccer.  Soccer has been a big change this year.  It's a bigger field and more girls playing and refs and it's made Hollis real nervous.  But she finally got out there and played and I think she is back to liking it.  

She had a birthday party Saturday afternoon for a sweet friend from school.  Two of her soccer teammates were there which was a fun surprise.  

Saturday night we went out to eat with Laurie and Sarah Kate. 

Harper went home with SK to spend the night after.  Two sleep overs in a row is a good weekend! 

Sunday the kids and I went to church and then went downtown for lunch.  

We went back Sunday afternoon for choir and GA's but stopped for coffee and macarons first.  

Yesterday I had a busy day of errands including taking this girl to guitar.  She is LOVING guitar! 

Last night Susan had a book signing at my friend Amy's shop.  It was a lot of fun! 

Amy had the BEST cookies out! 


It was such a fun night! This time of year is so crazy and fun! 

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