Monday, June 03, 2019

Last Days/First Days

Last Tuesday was our last day of school! 

I love this - Harper's first day of elementary and her last day.  She was just a newborn baby in that big red bow and smocked dress and now she's a full fledged tween girl.  

You can tell how much this girl grew by how much shorter her dress is.  I couldn't talk her into a bow on the last day.  It's a RARE day to get her in a bow anymore.  She's growing and I'm okay with that! 

Will Holden and I went and ate lunch with the girls on their last day.  They had report cards in the office that could be picked up so I thought we might as well pick them up and take lunch.  The girls both got GREAT report cards! I was so proud of them! 

Last elementary lunch.  Parents can eat at middle school but I'm not sure how much she will want me to.  

We had to take a picture with our principal on the last day they both have her.  We adore her.  

How cute are these shirts the teachers had! 

This was the back! 

Someone told me their teachers had a similar shirt with the hashtag #howyoudoinsummer

How funny is that??? 

That night Harper went to an end of school slumber party with 7 of her best friends.  This was her first slumber party.  The girls stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG.  They didn't sleep at all.  She came home and said she wasn't tired but she ended up going to bed at 5 p.m. and slept until 9 the next morning (and I had to wake her up then because she had an appointment).  

They had the BEST time.  They are already trying to plan another one.  Harper has turned into miss social this summer.  And I love it! 

On our first day of Summer last Wednesday, Hollis, Will Holden and I ran a few errands and then picked Harper up.  She wanted to look for a little backpack that she had saved her money for.  So we went to T J Maxx.  

While we were there - everyone's phones started going off because there was a tornado warning.  I had no idea we were going to have storms.  A lot of my friends were at different places like Sam's or other stores and they all had to get in the bathroom but no one did anything at TJ so I just kept the kids in the back of the store near the bathrooms.  I wasn't SUPER nervous but I try to stay calm for the kids.  This is what we live with when you live where tornados happen a lot.  

We waited it out for about 30 minutes until it finally passed on.  The kids were good. We had to race across town because Will Holden had a 4 year well visit.  

He is 90% on height and weight - he's a big boy! Sadly he had to get shots but he took them pretty well and now he's done until he's 12! 

Wednesday we had to go to the audiologist because Harper's hearing aid has been making a buzzing sound.  They had to send it off so she only has one hearing aid right now.  Hopefully it comes back soon.  Then we met Laurie and her girls and the youth interns for our church this summer for lunch.    We had 3 girls from OBU so Laurie and I had the BEST time visiting with them.  They are SWEET girls  - I'm so glad they are working with our youth.  

I didn't take ONE picture that day which I can't believe! 

Will Holden is already ready to go back to school.  He says he misses his teacher and he came running in with his backpack and lunch box and said "PLEASE MOM can i go to school?"  At least he loves it! 

We have busy weeks the next few weeks but we are loving summer so far! 

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