Friday, June 07, 2019

Friday Friday Friday!!!

Our week has been full of swim lessons.  Will Holden and Hollis did lessons and Harper just swam. We had them at a friends' house who always arranges private lessons for us! 

WH absolutely HATED swim lessons.  He cried and screamed.  Finally we got Harper to be his personal helper and he calmed down.  I figure Harper will have him swimming by the end of the summer.  

We have been enjoying our slow days.  The girls sleep late and I get so much done being home so much.  When the kids are in school - I'm usually busy running errands or going to meetings or just doing a lot of stuff but right now I'm home a lot so my laundry is staying caught up! It's been really nice.  Even if I now have to take 3 little people every where I go. ha! 

What hasn't slowed down is Harper's social life.  She has an iPad with an email address that she can text her friends with so it's sweet to see her texting a little and making plans.  She went to a birthday party Wednesday night at the movies with a bunch of girls.  She had so much fun! 

Last night she had Sarah Kate over to spend the night.  They always have a great time together.  Hollis has a party tomorrow.  I wish I had as many things going on as they do. ha! I am just the uber driver! 

I thought I would answer a few of my most asked questions lately: 

I get asked CONSTANTLY where I got this shirt.  Maybe because I wear it constantly.  It's my very favorite shirt ever! I got it from Life and Laundry!!! You can find it here

I've also been asked a lot lately if I really love my birkenstocks.  If you know me - you know my feet are a mess and they hurt constantly.  Like you know how your feet feel after you walked 20,000 steps at Disney world or NYC? That's how my feet feel all the time.  The only time my feet don't hurt is when I wear these.  They have been a life changer and worth every penny!!! 

Happy Friday friends!!! 

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