Monday, June 17, 2019

Fayetteville and Faster Way

Thursday we finished off our tour of Fayetteville by going to the Farmer's market on the square.  This is always one of my favorite things! They had music playing and tons of veggies and flowers.  

And then we found the Fayetteville firemen and they were letting kids on the truck.  


Will Holden loves himself a fire truck! It was a happy moment.  

We left there and went to visit the CUTEST toy store - Kindness Joy Toys.  They have so many unique things.  We found a gift for our friend Sarah Kate's birthday.  

Will Holden had the best time looking around.  And I found an old friend working there.  I lived in Fayetteville for 7 years after college so it feels so much like home and so nostalgic of a special and growing time for me.  It was so fun because every where I went last week - I ran into someone I knew! That made me so happy! I LOVE Bentonville but I do love Fayetteville.  

We found a splash park in south Fayetteville and burned some energy before picking up Hollis.  We came right back after that because Hollis' social calendar is very full. 

One of Hollis' sweet friends invited several girls over to swim.  Hollis had the best time and it was a gorgeous afternoon.  I'm thankful she has made a lot of good friends at at school.  

Friday it was cold and rainy so we ran a few errands and then went back to soccer camp to watch the end tournament and closing ceremonies.  It was only like 65.  What crazy June weather.  

Hollis was playing hard! 

The lady Razorbacks soccer team ran the camp.  They were so great! 

Hollis loved her coach.  At the end they let the kids get pictures and autographs.  

The Razorback coach was really nice and funny.  He stood at the front every day and high fived all the kids and was so friendly and also stood out and said bye every day.  We have never been to a soccer game at U of A before but we have already looked at the schedule and plan to go! 

This was a great experience for our girl.  If you are local - I highly recommend the camp - it was so well run and Hollis really benefitted. 

Today I'm leaving to go to church camp with Harper.  I'm SO excited.  It's always one of my favorite weeks.  I'm also officially starting my Faster Way program which is a little tricky but I have prepared and mapped out my macros and I think I can do it even being at camp.  I'm taking the workouts with me and plan to do them early in the morning or in the afternoon free time.  I think this really can be done anywhere! I will let you know how it goes.  If you missed signing up and are thinking about it - you can sign up with my coach Amberly for a session starting June 24.  Or you can wait and do the next round with me later in July.  I will for sure update you on how it's working! 

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