Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Memorial Day

We had a great long weekend! We were lucky to have beautiful weather.  I feel like most memorial day weekends it always rains abut we had four super sunny days.  

Friday morning while the girls were in school - Will Holden and I walked around downtown Bentonville.  First we stopped at a park to play.  

Then we hit a new bakery so I could try their coffee.  

Will Holden put his feet in the fountain.  And then we walked down to the splash park and he ran around.  He got wet but it was hot so I know it felt good.  

Then we found a new Paper Airplane sculpture.  Our town is full of all kinds of art.  You never know when something new will show up.  We stayed home Friday night and grilled out and just chilled.  Grilled and Chilled.  The best! 

Saturday we worked out in the yard the whole day.  We weeded our front landscaping and this play ground area.  Then we laid down 45 bags of mulch in the back and then stained the wood border.  I helped do all of this and also worked on laundry.  Real exciting stuff but it felt good just to get some things done.  We have a bird with a nest full of eggs at the top of our playset so the kids can't play on it right now because the mama bird freaks out when they get near the nest.  I always tell the kids that's how I feel if I thought anyone might hurt them. 

Sunday we went to church and lunch and then mid afternoon we went over to a friends house and we swam and ate grilled out hamburgers and swam some more.  We had the best time and I didn't take one picture.  That's the best kind of day/night.  We didn't come home until late that night.  

Monday we went and ate lunch and then went to the movies.  

Harper was having an issue with her hearing aids when we got there and was really frustrated.  The last time we were there I saw a women come to the concession stand and get a closed captioning thing.  I asked Harper if she would want to try it so we got one.  It fit in the cup holder and then she could bend it how she wanted.  She really liked it and I think it really helped her.  I don't know if all theatres have them - but if you need one - it's so helpful! We use closed captioning at home and honestly - it helps me too.  Especially on shows with accents.  ha! Harper acclimates so well all the time that I take for granted that she DOES have struggles so it's nice when we can find ways to make her life easier.  

We saw Aladdin and we loved it!!! 

Of course, we remember that all of the fun we are able to have and the life we are so blessed to live - does not come without a price.  We are so grateful to all those who gave their lives fighting for the freedoms that our country is afforded.  We honor and pray for the families that have lost loved ones serving our country.  We are thankful.  

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