Monday, April 08, 2019

Laughing is the Best

Thursday we started our day early with Moms and Muffins at school.  

Will Holden and I left there to run a few errands and to get his hair cut.  He was shaggy with a rats tail.  

I had to go to the school for a conference for Harper and we saw Hollis at recess so we went to the fence to wave at her before going on.  She and ALL her friends came running over to say hi which I thought was so sweet.  She has the best group of friends in her class this year.  

Harper did a student led conference with me and showed me everything she has been working on.  I was so impressed at how she did a power point presentation.  She's way further along in 4th grade than I ever was.  :-) 

Friday was a beautiful day.  I ran a bunch of errands and then picked up the kids and we went to First Friday.  Our town has a fun little festival on our square every first Friday of the month April - November.  

We walked around and saw all the booths.  One group had these cardboard robots for kids to make which was perfect for WH - he was thrilled.  

I was actually really hot - I feel like we almost skipped spring and went straight to summer.  Will Holden wasn't happy at this point because he wanted to eat dinner there and I had plans for us to go home.  ha! 

This guy was walking around with a huge snake around him.  Apparently he's a fixture on the square these days.  I'm not so sure about that.  

Saturday morning we hit the soccer fields.  It was another beautiful day.  We came home and spent a few hours outside working in the yard and playing.  

Then we came inside for a little snuggle time.  

Saturday night we had a sitter and we met Laurie and Steve for an early dinner.  

Then we headed to church to see John Crist perform.  He was HILARIOUS.  I laughed so hard I cried off all my makeup and my head was hurting.  Sometimes it just feels SO good to laugh that hard.  I would have tried to meet him but I knew I would be SO AWKWARD so it's just better I didn't.  

This is the face Scott (or WH) make every time I try to take their picture.  Scott laughed SO HARD too.  We loved it! 

If you have the chance to see him - don't miss it.  His instastories are my favorite thing ever.  

Yesterday I worked in the nursery during church.  I was in WH's room.  I had to take this picture of him and all the girls.  He may not love it now but one day he will be thrilled if it's just him and a room full of girls. ha! 

Hollis went to a birthday party for her best school friend.  These two have been sweet friends since last year.  I had her parent teacher conference this week and she got a glowing report but her teacher said "sometimes these two got a little chatty".  ha! Hollis has so many good friends.   

We spent the afternoon and night at church.  The girls had choir and GA's and we had to set up for the Lord's Supper.  We normally have it on Good Friday but we have something else that night at church so we did it last night.  Then we have to clean up after the service.  These kids played in the gym and were SO hot and tired by the time we finally left. 

We have a big week this week and we are so excited! 

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