Monday, March 25, 2019

Spring Fling

While the kids were away at my parents - we had an actual date! It was nice to get out without trying to get back for a baby sitter.  We also enjoyed a night at home with the quiet.  It's so rare! 

I tried to get some things done while the kids were gone but I also got out and walked as much as I could.  The weather has been amazing and it's officially spring! 

My parents brought my kids back Thursday afternoon and I quickly unpacked, washed clothes and repacked so we could go on a little quick adventure.  

Scott took Friday off so we headed to Tulsa for 2 days.  But first we had to stop for donuts.  

Our first stop was the Tulsa Zoo.  My girls brought their OBU backpacks with them so we had to get a picture with the Tigers when we saw them.  

The highlight of the zoo was probably petting goats.  

It was a gorgeous day for the zoo.  But the Tulsa zoo is not our favorite.  There just didn't seem to be many animals out.  And WAY too many people.  

We didn't last too long at the zoo.  We skipped through and then paid $10 to take a 2 min train ride and that was the end for us. As we were leaving at 12:30 - people were lined up forever.  I heard it was an hour wait to get in.  And then cars were lined up forever to get in.  Needless to say - we were so happy to get out when we did.  

Our next stop was the new Gathering Place in Tulsa.  All of Oklahoma and Arkansas were on spring break this week and the weather was so pretty that apparently every single person decided to come to the same place.  We were hungry so we decided to stop for lunch.  

We ended up parking in a lot and taking a shuttle to the park.  This is a HUGE park/playground.  It's more like a collection of about 15 amazing playgrounds.   It's super super nice and FREE! If you get near Tulsa - it's a great place to go and take kids! 

The kids had the BEST time! 

We will FOR SURE be back.  I will probably take them sometime this summer! 

We had a great time! Even with a MILLION people with us.  

We left there and ate at Ted's.  Which was good but not our favorite Mexican place (I KNOW IT"S VERY LOVED BY OKIES! Don't at me. :-) ) Then we went to our hotel and all showered and just relaxed and went to bed early.  

The next morning was gloomy and rainy.  We ate breakfast at our hotel and then we went to the hospital where Harper spent the first month of her life.  She was air lifted to Tulsa the night she was born.  We haven't been back in 10 years.  It has changed SO MUCH! We couldn't honestly even figure out where we were or remember much about it.  The NICU where she had been was moved probably 9 years ago so we tried to find the vicinity of where we spent so many hours sitting but it was just really confusing.  But it's still a place that means so much to us - it's an Ebeneezer stone to us that we can go back and see how faithful God was to us.  We walked around the hospital for a while and then drove by the Ronald McDonald house we had stayed at.  

Then we headed to the mall.  My kids have never really been to many malls.  I grew up going to malls but it's just not something we ever do so I think they thought it was so cool.  We went to the Disney store.  

Then we went to Cheesecake factory.  I had the most delicious salad.  

And my family had cheesecake (with their lunch).  Let's just say they loved it.  

After lunch - we headed home and then we went over and had dinner with some of our good friends and had the best time.  

Yesterday we weren't to church and then had lunch with 2 families we are best friends with.  We adults sat together and put the kids together and we had such a good time laughing and laughing.  

And today things to back to normal.  It's also Scott's birthday so we hope to celebrate him! 

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