Wednesday, January 09, 2019

What's APP?????

If you know me - you know my great love for Sonic.  I LOVE a Sonic vanilla diet coke.  Well, this summer I discovered the Sonic app.  More specifically I discovered that if you used the Sonic app to order your drinks - they were 1/2 price ALL DAY! A L L   D A Y!!! AND it constantly gives you rewards like free tater tots or milkshakes! So I soon became great friends with the Sonic app.  And it also is like being a Sonic VIP.  You just pull it up, order, and then pull into a stall and "check in" and the screen will pop up and say "Welcome back Kelly!" and your drink is out so fast! Or you can go through the drive through and tell them you ordered on the app.  It's amazing!

Then recently - I started a coffee obsession.  Starbucks is not my favorite coffee spot but I had a few gift cards so I plugged them into the Starbucks app and realized I could order ahead on this also and either run in and it was ready right away without waiting in line or I could drive thru and it was faster.  AND once again - you get "reward stars" that earn you free drinks! I am all about FREE REWARDS! 

Really, the only fast food we eat is generally Chickfila.  But ours is so fast and they have people always working outside in line so I never really understood a reason to use the "one" app.  UNTIL about a few weeks ago when I ordered a nugget tray on it for a school function and I realized that you can get points and rewards on this app too and it adds up FAST! I have since learned you can order ahead (or like I do when I get in the back of the drive thru line) OR you can order like normal inside or outside and then have them scan your app to give you credit.  ALSO - you can order on the app and park and they will bring it out to you.  Hello - moms of young kids! You can also go inside and let your kids play in the playground or just sit with them at the table and order from your table on the app and they will bring it to you (instead of standing in line with toddlers).  Genius! This is by far the best app that I have found! It's "my pleasure" to share it with you! 

So then I talked about these apps on Instagram and asked for what other ones you are using out there  and here is what I found.

McDonalds (who knew?)

Panera (I have never ordered on this app but I do get MYpanera rewards.  But their drive thru is slow so it makes sense to order ahead so it's ready when you get there)

Pizza Hut (can earn free pizza)

Dominos (you can earn free pizza)

Slim Chickens (if you have one - you get $4 of free food for every $50 you spend)

Chipotle (You can order ahead. No rewards yet - but it's coming) 

Chili's (they give you rewards and free dessert on your birthday)

Outback (you get 50% off on every 4th visit!) 

What other ones do you use? Just a few extra seconds on your phone can save you time and money! It's totally worth it.  I have a sweet friend that is so good at this.  She saves up and makes a day of it - gets her free Starbucks and her free Chickfila and her free pizza all on one day! 

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