Monday, January 28, 2019


I thought I would share just a few highlights from the last week.  

Will Holden had PJ day at school on Wednesday.  But of course, I forgot so I got him all dressed and right when we were about to leave - I remembered and had to quickly change him.  And all I could find were Christmas PJs.  Which he wears Christmas PJs most night and will for a few months - why not? 

I was the Mystery Reader in Harper's Class that afternoon.  I love being able to do things at the kids school and I love that they always want me to come.  I love getting to know the kids in their classes! 


Thursday the kids all had dentist appointments.  I get so tickled at the dentist because Will Holden never behaves better than when we are there.  And it's not fear because he LOVES the dentist.  He can't WAIT to go.  But he is always just so busy and loud - just a regular three year old boy.  But at the dentist he lays so still and lets them do whatever they need to.  He has never cried or squirmed.  He got his first x rays and he was PERFECT.  Maybe it's the weighted blanket.  Maybe they are piping laughing gas through the vents.  I don't know what is happening but I need some of it at home. ha! Hollis got a little treatment done and it was tougher that she thought it would be.  She was crying and upset so I ended up letting her spend the rest of the day home.  I could just tell she was fragile and needed a day off.  That so rarely happens that I didn't feel bad.

Friday morning was SOOOOOO cold.  I ran quickly to the store after dropping off the kids for school.  I spontaneously decided to go for a walk.  It was sunny and seemed warmer but it was only 15 degrees.  It was so cold that I was the only person on the trails.  Me and about 20 deer.  The deer were everywhere and they were so close to me.  They stood staring at me and it kind of creeped me out.  I started wondering if deer ever attacked.  I didn't think they did but later on in the day I googled and they do.  So I guess I should have been more nervous.  

I guess I should be nervous to be walking on a trail by myself anyway.  I have never been when no one else was on it - usually it's FULL.  But I'm the only crazy person who would get out in that cold.  I nearly died of hypothermia because I didn't have gloves or a hat.  ha!  It snowed later in the afternoon and was so pretty but didn't stay around long.  

Saturday morning we decided to go to Fast Lanes and bowl and play games.  It was crowded since we got there right when it opened and we had a good time.  Hollis always beats us all.  We ate lunch out and then went home and did stuff around the house.  I had planned to cook dinner at home but last minute we decided to go out to eat.  We went to an old favorite - DOE's.  We haven't been in years and especially never with kids but it was so good and the kids were great.  

Yesterday we had church.  WE came home for lunch and Harper had to be back early for choir try outs.  The girls had choir and GA's and Scott and I went to a special prayer time at church.  

And here we are in the last few days of January! 

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