Thursday, January 17, 2019

Celebrate Good Times

Harper turned 10 yesterday! I just can barely believe it! 

When people say it goes by fast - they aren't kidding! I feel like she was just born.  She is such a joy.  I'm so grateful to be her mom.  We celebrated her Saturday but I couldn't let the day pass without making her day special.  TEN is a monumental age! Double digits! 

I told the girls I would come bring them lunch and eat with them.  Hollis has lunch first.  We were sitting at a table right outside the library and Harper's class was in the library.  Harper saw me and mouthed through the window "where is my lunch?"  I tried to act like I forgot.  She looked so upset.  When she came out I said "I didn't bring you lunch.  Because I'm TAKING you to lunch".  I had already talked to her teacher about it so I checked her out so we could have a couple of hours together! 

Our first stop was Fish City Grill.  (WHY DOES SHE LOOK SO OLD?)

She is my gumbo obsessed partner! So our fav treat is a cup or bowl of gumbo! 

Next we went to Claire's.  She LOVES to wear choker necklaces.  She has one she wears almost every day so I let her get a couple of new ones! And in good Claire's fashion - we got something free with the purchase of two things so she picked out BFF necklaces for she and Hollis which I thought was really sweet.  

We went to Nothing Bundt Cake and got some little mini cakes.  She thought it was so fun.  And now I need to admit that Scott and I have been on keto since New Years and it's going well but we both had a small cheat moment last night ate a little bundt cake and we both decided it was the best cake ever.  He has already requested one for his birthday.  

When we got home, there was a knock at the door.  My parents and Aunt Linda surprised Harper by coming for a visit to see her.  They brought her a gift and stayed to visit for a while.  

Right after they left, Sarah Kate showed up at the door with cupcakes for Harper.  It was SO sweet and another great surprise! I love these two! 

When Scott got home - Harper opened her presents.  She wanted two things - this Barbie head that she could fix hair and makeup on and a new Bible.  She was THRILLED with both.  And I love that at 10 - these are the things she wanted most.  

Our town has a new restaurant at the small private airport.   Louise Thaden was one of the first female pilots in the U.S.  She lived in Bentonville and was friends with Amelia Earhart who used to visit her in the summer.  The restuarant is named after her - Louise.  We decided to try it out last night. 

I had chicken and vegetables and it was so good.  The vegetables were DELICIOUS! We all loved it.  

And we got to look at a few airplanes too! 

10 years of celebrating! She said this was the best birthday yet.  

Harper's Arrival from Kelly Stamps on Vimeo.

I shared this on social media but this is the video Scott made on Harper's first birthday of her birth and time in the hospital.  I think it's a sweet 13 minute testimony.  Warning - it will make you cry!

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