Monday, November 26, 2018


Wednesday morning I loaded up the kids and packed us all up and headed to south Arkansas.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great trip.  It's about a 6 hour trip (it was 7 hours for us after we stopped a few times) and the kids were really good.  They slept the last hour or so and I listened to podcasts! 

Scott finished hunting and came home to see us and we were glad to see him! 

We had a nice Thanksgiving.  It was just us and Scott's parents.  It was a beautiful day! We ate around noon and spent the morning just getting ready.  We had to take a few family pictures.  

The kids have grown so much since two years ago.  GAH! And I'm still wearing the same shirt. ha ha ha! 

Love these sweet girls! 

We enjoyed spending time with Gigi and Papaw! 

Judy cooked us a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch.  

We had a low key rest of our day.  The kids played outside a lot.  I was so lazy and watched a ton of holiday episodes of Friends and the Office.  We had leftovers that night and just relaxed! 

Will Holden woke up at 5 a.m. ready to ride "the tractor".  So Scott took him on a ton of rides that day.  He was SO happy! 

He was also happy when he had his first taste of red velvet cake! 

Me and my girls! 

Friday, Scott and his dad went and hunted in the morning.  The kids and Judy and I went to eat lunch on the town square.  Laurie and her family live about 30 minutes from Scott's parents.  They had to come to Magnolia to pick up the deer Steve had killed and so they ate and came out to visit us.  I love that our best friends are also our family.  

My MIL plays the organ.  She used to play in church.  My kids have always LOVED the organ.  They run right to the room it's in first thing to play it.  Laurie came over and started playing it too.  I didn't know she could even play the piano.  

If you follow me on IG - you know I've told everyone about this great Walmart $20 coat (and sorry it's basically sold out now) - but Laurie was wearing hers! 

Scott's uncle, aunt and cousin came over soon after and stayed to eat dinner with us.  WE had the best gumbo! And I didn't take one picture!  

Scott got in one last hunt but sadly didn't get a deer this trip.  

We got up and headed home Saturday morning.  We stopped at our favorite little dairyette on the way home and I had their frito pie and it was delicious! 

Today we went to church covered in Christmas Checks! :-) 

This sweet thing gets older looking every day!  We went to eat lunch after church and ran into some friends and ended up sitting with them which was so much fun.  

Our plan was to go to the Christmas tree farm yesterday afternoon to get a real tree but when we came out of church it had dropped about 20 degrees and started icing.  So we had to scratch our plans.  

I'm hoping the weather is okay this weekend because if not - we will either not decorate until the middle of the month or drag our old worn out tree down from the attic.  I haven't put up one decoration yet.  I just can't get into it and I was hoping for us to have a real tree.  But I feel way behind when I get on social media! We are still going to soak up the season! Whether our tree is up or not! :-) 

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