Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Labor Day Weekend

The kids wore their red, white and blue for the last time this summer and went to school on Friday.  We left right after school to head to south AR to visit Scott's family for the long weekend. 

We take a back way to Magnolia that is full of tiny towns and not a lot of places to stop.  Our new favorite stop is the Dairyette in Mt Ida. I LOVE LOVE dairyettes in small towns.  

We stopped on the way there and on the way back! It's about half way and just makes for a good stop! 

We got to my inlaws house around 10.  We didn't get everyone settled down and to bed until after 11 and WH was up super early.  I should have known that was going to be a recipe for disaster for the day.  

Saturday the kids donned their razorback clothes to celebrate the first game of the season!!! 

Life is always fun when we visit Gigi and Papaw because they live in the country.  My kids love being outside and having fun! 

And somehow Harper is almost as tall as Gigi.  I'm not sure how that happened so fast! 

We packed up mid morning and headed out to their family "farm"/deer camp.  

It's about 25 minutes away.  They have a ton of land and that's where Scott and his dad go to deer camp and there is a cabin where they stay.  They have this old Merry Go Round my kids have always loved.  Scott's parents just fixed it up.  

The big hit is riding the mule through the woods.  

This land has been in the family for a long time.  My kids love going out there.  This is the first time WH has been there since he was really little so it was his first time to really enjoy it.  

This old trailer sits out in the woods.  They live in Magnolia.  (ARKANSAS).  I thought this looked cool.  Like something you might see at the Silos.  

Gigi planned out a neat treasure hunt for the kids.  She hid clues all over and they had to find them all to get their prize.  

They had the best time.  

See WH's face? Those 6 hours of sleep caught up with him.  He had a good day but there were a LOT of meltdowns.  I tried so hard to get him to nap but he just refused.  

We didn't have the SEC channel out there so we couldn't watch the game but we heard it on the radio.  And a friend texted me that a tweet I made showed up on Razorback TV. ha! 

Riding in the woods with my country boys.  

Papaw grilled us out hamburgers and Gigi made us homemade ice cream and then the kids did a little after dinner fishing.  

Scott caught the only fish but they all wanted to hold it.  (Don't worry - we threw it back as quick as we could!) 

He finally passed out on a mule ride.  But then we took him home and he became just hysterical.  He was so tired he would NOT go to sleep.  Scott and I tried EVERYTHING.  Scott rocked him for 30 minutes and he FINALLY went to sleep and their smoke alarm went off.  For no reason.  And it was the LOUDEST alarm we have ever heard.  If we weren't so exhausted - it would have been hilarious it was so awful.  So we had to start all over and I got to rock him for 30 minutes.  Thankfully he got a great night of sleep on Saturday night.  

Sunday we went to church with Scott's parents.  They didn't have a toddler nursery since it was Labor Day so WH got to go to big church.  That will make a mom sweat. ha! Thankfully it did good and we survived! 

It rained all afternoon so we had a nice, lazy day.  We came home yesterday morning so we could get ready for the week.  It was a great Labor Day Weekend.  Hope yours was also! 

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