Tuesday, August 14, 2018

School Days Dear Old Golden Rule Days

Last Thursday we got to go to open house and meet our teachers and see the girls' new classes! 

Hollis was very excited about her new teacher and she had several friends in her class so she was SO happy! 

And Harper got the sweetest teacher too! And she there were a lot of kids from her 2nd grade class which is fun.  

These two have been in the same class for the last 3 years.  His mom is the librarian and she's so fun. We both aren't sad that these two are forced to be friends.  (And Harper is pretty tall so you can see how tall he is!) 

Sunday night we went over to our school to pray for our school.  I wrote this on instagram:

Yesterday we prayer walked the girls' school. This is a very special BTS tradition for us. I've had a lot of DM’s asking me questions about this so I thought I would elaborate. Our girls go to public school. In the past, I have just gone on a walk and circled the school and prayed. Last night, we went as a family and just stood outside the school in a circle and took turns praying. (Well most of us - WH mostly ran around the circle yelling "can we go now?" but he needs Jesus. ha!) I'm a visual prayer. Maybe I'm a charismatic Baptist - I'm not sure. But I like to lay hands when possible on things I pray for. So to physically be at the school and pray over it means a lot to me. We pray for the administration. We pray for all the teachers. We pray for all the kids. We pray for kids to be kind to each other and to treat each other well. We pray for our girls specifically. We pray for learning. We pray for safety. I always pray that God would send angels to surround the school and protect it. We pray that the girls would be a light in their schools. This gives me a peace about the school year. I don’t think this means they won’t have problems - but I know Jesus will be with them and I want them to remember that too. 
It's not just an annual thing. We pray on the way to school a lot of days. I know that a lot of churches go in groups and do this before the school year and there are groups like "moms in prayer" who do also. But you don't need a group, a specific prayer, or even to physically be at the school. Just take your concerns and your hopes to Jesus and talk to Him about them. Our prayers never return void.

Yesterday was the first day.  The girls have been waiting for this for weeks! I'm so thankful that they love school so much.  

(A lot have asked me - Hollis' dress is from Eleanor Rose.  I LOVE their stuff.  I actually bought this cheap on a ER resale group on Facebook! I think it's the sweetest dress and might be my last chance to get her in something like this! She's already quitting bows on me. ) 

And well - Harper looks so grown up here.  We actually went shopping together and picked out her outfit.  Her shirt is from Dillards and her shorts are J Crew Factory.  We skipped the "light scarf" because it's just so hot and humid.  


It's amazing how great our mornings go when I actually make the lunches the night before and lay out the clothes and get the back packs organized ahead of time.  ha! 

We walked both girls in.  Hollis got right to work.  

Our schools are K-4 elementary, 5-6 middle school, 7-8 junior high and then high school.  So this is her last year in elementary and I can hardly believe it! 

Will Holden did not like his sisters going to school.  I told him we were taking him to his class next and he said "You are kidding, right mom?"  He starts preschool in 2 weeks.  

They had the BEST day.  They both were talking on top of each other trying to tell me all the details. They love everything about school.  I absolutely LOVE this age.  

This SHOULD make me cry my eyes out.  This went so fast and it feels like she just shot up over the summer.  And not just in height.  She's just so mature and helpful and thoughtful.  

And I couldn't resist a special first day treat! 

Here's to another school year! 

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