Friday, June 22, 2018

Camp Siloam Part Two

We have been at the beach all week but I wanted to finish my recap of camp for my memory if nothing else! 

The girls in my cabin LOVED the pixie sticks at the "snack shack" - I don't even want to know how many they ate last week.  

I loved being with Harper at camp.  And the sweetest thing is she told me several times that her favorite part of camp is that I was with her! 

We had games every day after worship time.  This is some of our men counselors playing some game.  

It was just so hot that week.  I think I probably mentioned that 100 times that week but seriously - it was just so hot.  It's hot in Arkansas in the summer but not normally close to 100 in mid June.  And with super high humidity.  On the hottest day, they decided to have an outdoor cookout at noon for lunch.  You can imagine how hot this was.  This is what we thought about it.  

This is the worship center.  Something neat is that the first year I worked at Camp Siloam in 1991 - this worship center had just opened that year.  

And this is the new dining hall that is so nice.  And it opened the first year I went as a counselor! 

Something they didn't used to have was a laundry room and I was so thankful for it.  I washed towels and other things for the girls and kept my laundry up too.  This was a few of us doing laundry one day.  

We had ninja night at camp one night. 

I don't know much about ninjas so we basically just wore all black.  

Sweet Harper and her bunk.  I was so proud of her - she kept her stuff really neat and organized and was the first one up and dressed every day.  And yes - we packed our stuff in tubs and it worked really well.  In fact - I ended up packing me and the kids in tubs for the beach too.  

If you have read my blog for a while - you remember Jennifer Francis.  She is a friend I met when we were pregnant with these two.  We both went to OBU and met through our blogs.  We used to get these two together a lot when they were babies.  And now they will be 10 this year.  They were both at camp so I had to get a picture of them together.  

After all - Brody is the first boy Harper kissed! ha! We are hoping they meet again at OBU one day! 

We did daily devotions for our cabin every morning after breakfast.  

This was our church.  We had a great group! (Harper is front and center) 

On Thursday, Scott and his parents and the kids came to visit me.  Harper was excited to show them her camp.  I think the heat nearly did them in.  ha! 

I was so happy to see my family (WH's face! )

Harper loved going to the Hub to get snacks

She also loved craft time 

Harper got pulled up on stage to do a Bible Drill on Thursday night.  I was so proud of her! My favorite thing was looking over at her during worship and seeing her with her arms raised and just singing her little heart out.  

We had 16 kids get saved at camp.  I was able to pray with 3 of them.  It was an ENORMOUS privilege and blessing.   On Thursday night, all the kids who made decisions got to share those and then ring the camp bell.  

It was "team" night Thursday so Harper and I had our razorback gear on.  

My friend Allison was a counselor there that week also.  She and I were in the same social club at OBU and we also worked together at camp for two years.  So it was full circle to be back with our own kids as counselors.  It was good to visit with her.  

I loved being at camp.  It was hot and work keeping up with kids but seeing them learn more about Jesus and grow friendships was totally worth it.  It's a special place.  I've already told them to sign me up again for next year.  

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