Monday, May 28, 2018

Summer Mom

Our summer officially begins at 3:00 today.

And I feel like I'm having to lay down some ground rules this summer.  Both for me AND the kids.  Because the thought of the next three months at home with the kids makes me excited and also stirs up a lot of feelings of guilt.

Because here is where I teeter as a summer mom.   I adore my kids and love being with them and I want to be SUPER FUN mom and do all the things.  I want to make a huge bucket list and pack in as many things as we possibly can. I also feel extremely grateful that I even get to be home with them in the summer.  I know that's not possible for most moms.

But the reality is I still have to do laundry for 5 people and clean the house and cook healthy meals and I also work part time and I have to fit that in somehow.  So I end up turning into 1970's mom and find myself saying "Go find something to do.  I am NOT here for your your entertainment. "

I have to find the balance.  

I already set my girls down and told them we would try to do one small fun thing most days.  Even if it's a simple fun like trying to squeeze as many honeysuckles as we can until we have enough in a cup to drink.  Or playing in sprinklers.  Or watching a movie all snuggled up with popcorn.

But I also told them they had to find their own fun.  And that didn't mean watching TV all day.  The first thing we are doing is heading to the bookstore and the library for new books to read.  I want them to be creative.  The best they ever get along is when I shut off the TV and leave them to play and they come up with some kind of creative game and start giggling all together.  Nothing gives me more joy.  I love when they all play together.

I want them to know a little boredom.  I miss the days when I was growing up before iPads and netflix.  That's my wish for them.

So while the duties of every day beg to steal my time and I have things I have to take care of, I'm still hoping to soak up as much as I can.  I know this is fleeting and I just pray that when they are adults they will have good memories of summers past.  Just like I do.

I know I will be left with the sweetest of memories.

OH and I also had to tell them we weren't eating snacks all day long.  ha!

Here's to all the summer moms! May we find the balance between all the fun things and letting them find their own fun.

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