Monday, April 09, 2018

Lunching and Leisure

I thought I would give a little update on our recent days.  

It has been SO cold for April.  I know most of the country is experiencing this.  Usually our Aprils are fairly warm but it's still freezing.  Hollis had soccer practice last week and Scott kept the other two home since it was so cold.  I was dying.  Hollis didn't seem to mind - she really likes soccer.  But I will like it more when it's warmer.  :-) 

About a week ago, Will Holden started sleeping with the girls.  He sleeps with whoever's turn it is to sleep on the bottom bunk.  The girls actually fight over who "gets" to sleep with him.  They all go to bed at the same time and it has worked really well.  And Will Holden normally sleeps with us about 98% of the time so we aren't sad that they are all sharing a room right now! ha! Will Holden just wants to be with somebody. Bless his sweet heart!  It also is so good for my momma heart to see them loving to be together and hear them giggling in their room at night.  

Wednesday I had these girls over for lunch to celebrate Laurie's birthday.  Of course - in Kelly fashion - my oven broke the day before.  ha! So I couldn't cook the lunch I had planned.  So I made two salads and ordered pizza and it was perfect.  We laughed so hard our stomachs all hurt.  We didn't even bother to take a picture - this is an old one.  These are my very closest friends and I'm so grateful for them.  

While the girls were in gymnastics, I took Will Holden to play at a park.  He came running over to where I was and said "look mom I picked you flowers".  I mean.  Having a boy is the BEST.  

Thursday, Will Holden and I went and had lunch with the girls.  They always beg me to come eat with them and I don't do it nearly enough.  I know these days are fleeting too.  

Last week was my week for lunches.  I normally don't schedule many lunches because I have so many things I have to get done  during the day but this was just a special week.  Laurie and I went to lunch with our friend Terry.  She is one of my favorite people on the planet.  She's just so sweet and fun.  She lost her husband a month ago and she's been so strong and full of joy.  I'm so thankful to know her.  

We were lucky to have a weekend that was completely free.  We just hung out Friday night at home.  At one point - we noticed the kids had all gone outside and covered up in a blanket and were just drawing and talking.  It was so sweet.  

Saturday morning it snowed.  Which is TOTALLY bizarre in April for us.  It cancelled soccer so we stayed in our pj's and spent the whole day at home.  

Will Holden bundled himself up so he could go outside and play.  

Steve and Scott had a "guys day" and went to lunch and Cabela's shopping.  Sarah Kate came over and spent the day with us.  They had a great time together.  

Today was church and then we went to lunch.  

My crazy kids who eat chicken at a Mexican restaurant. ha! 

Will Holden and I took the girls to choir practice at church and headed to Walmart but he passed out.  He doesn't nap much but he will car nap.  So I took advantage and sat in a parking lot and did email and finished podcasts and made a few calls.  

We went to church tonight and Will carried these out of our pantry and said "I want to take these to church and share with my friends".  I couldn't say no to that.  Sweet boy.  

These days are flying fast but are so precious to me.  

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