Monday, April 02, 2018

Easter 2018

Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  Obviously - I love it because it represents all of my faith to me.   It's the day that reminds us of how much Jesus loves us and how He died for us.  

Easter is also always a busy weekend for us.  We are in charge of baptisms and the Lord's supper at our church.  We only have the Lord's supper a few times a year and one is on Good Friday.  So we always have to be at the church for about 4 hours on Good Friday setting it all up and then cleaning up after.  Some of our best friends do it with us so it's fun.  Our kids play in the gym while we work (and they come and help some too).  I love that our kids get to be part of the serving.  

Pouring the juice in the cups is a messy job.  We can't seem to find a good way to do it.  We have these bottles but they don't work well.  I ended up trying a turkey baster and it helped some.  But I'm on the search for a better method.  

Hollis and her bestie after the service 

Harper ended up going home with Sarah Kate afterwards for a sleepover.  

Saturday we went over to a friend's house for an egg hunt and dinner.  Nothing like trying to get 13 kids to all pose for a picture.  Especially with three little boys who were NOT into it.  

It was supposed to rain all Saturday but thankfully it held off and ended up being just fine.  It was overcast but not that cold.  

The kids had the best time 

Our friends live on a bunch of land so after they hunted and we all ate - they went outside and wandered all around.  Every kid in our group has a good friend in the group which is so sweet.  

These are my people.  

The Easter Bunny came early this morning.  

We had to go to the early service.  It's always a whirlwind getting us all ready to get dressed and to church early but we made it.  

We helped with baptisms in the second service.  The church revamped our baptisms this week.  We have always used robes and now we have t-shirts.  And they painted this wall for everyone who gets baptized to sign and date.  Harper and Hollis both signed and put their baptism date on the wall.  

I can't wait for this wall to be completely full of names

We also got a new back drop and signs for people to take pictures in front of.  

Love these kids! 

We always eat Easter lunch with the Ormons.  We have since before we had kids.  It's a fun tradition. We have the very traditional Kentucky Fried Chicken.  ha ha ha! 

This was five years ago.  I can't even.  Look at little Emily.  Now she's so grown up.  Baby Hollis too.  

Today was Laurie's birthday! It was fun to celebrate her and Easter.  

It was FREEZING and raining here today.  I think it's the coldest Easter I can remember.  Will Holden still wore the shorts outfit I got him but he had on a heavy coat.  And we wore boots instead of sandals.  

I found these cute napkins at Target a few weeks ago and then I found this cake at Sam's and they matched.  It was perfect! It was supposed to be a birthday cake for Laurie - but they mostly had Easter cakes so it's what we had.  

It was a wonderful weekend with our family and friends celebrating Jesus! 

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