Monday, March 19, 2018


My tiny baby Hollis turned SEVEN on Friday! 

I feel like she has grown so much since just last year.  I can hardly believe she is SEVEN! 

We have been so fortunate to not be sick at all this winter but she got sick early last week and I was so afraid it would mess up her birthday.  She has been planning her party for months.  It's the first party she has had in a few years and she planned it all out.  We went to the doctor and got some medicine and he assured me she wouldn't be contagious for her party.  So she was 100% better by Friday but I kept her home just in case.  And it was kind of nice to just have a one on one day with my girl.  I took her to a new favorite spot for lunch.  

Hollis had her party at the cutest little Princess Palace in our town.  Her best friend Kampbell (with her above) had her party there and Hollis fell in love.  She also likes to do anything Kampbell does.  K got these glasses weeks ago and wears them constantly.  She gave Hollis some for her birthday and I think you will start seeing them in pictures.  ha! 

My sweet princess 

Love these three! 

Scott and I can never get over that we get to raise these kids! 

Hollis loved her cake.  It was strawberry! 

Hollis' favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty so that is who she requested.  This is when she first arrived.  Will Holden was trying to impress her.  

Sleeping beauty did nails and makeup for the girls and then they had a dance party.  They had cake and "tea" on fine china.  It was just a really sweet, girly party.  

This is how you feel when you have two sisters and are ALL BOY and have to endure a lot of girly things.  But he drank his juice in the flowered china cup and told everyone he was Superman.  

Hollis got crowned! 

Nothing makes me happier than being able to show up with nothing but a cake and have a party! It was so easy and stress free which is worth every penny in this stage of life! 

These three girls have celebrated a lot of birthdays together.  They have known each other since they were brand new babies.  

Hollis wanted to go to her favorite Mexican restaurant after dinner and they came and sang to her! 

She opened a few gifts when she got home.  It was a really special day.  

Saturday morning we had soccer practice.  It was St. Patrick's so we tried to wear green! 

It was 80 on Friday but Saturday morning it was 40 and super windy.  I was FREEZING! 

Harper spent her afternoon at a birthday party for a school friend.  She picked out this card for her! 

And Hollis spent the day relaxing.  It's tough being seven.  

and now we are on spring break!!!

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