Monday, March 05, 2018

Deer and Donut Walls

Well - hello! It's March! Can you believe it? 

We had a lot of fun this past week! 

It was Dr. Seuss week at our school.  They had dress up days every day.  On Thursday it was dress like your favorite character.  There were a lot of Things 1 and 2.  

They also had Muffins and Moms that morning so I got to go to school with them and eat a muffin! We love our school! I know we are very fortunate - but we go to public school and it's a wonderful school! 

Friday I spent the day working around the house.  I stopped for an hour and watched Billy Graham's funeral on TV.  It was SO good.  Laurie, Scott and I all were watching and texting in a group text over every detail.  I cried a few ugly cries.  Not because I'm sad Billy Graham was dead - because he is in heaven where he has longed to go to forever but because the things that were said were so inspiring and I just loved that the gospel was shared on TV.  So much I could say about that but I won't now.  

Friday night, Laurie and I spoke in Ft. Smith at a women's event.  They had appetizers to eat before the service.  It was all set up SO cute - I had to take pictures.  I loved these shelves they served food on.  

Cute baskets full of all kinds of popcorn

And a donut wall!!! I told the ladies that my kids would think they had died and gone to heaven if they saw that and sure enough when I showed them a picture the next day the girls literally said "Oh that's HEAVEN!"  ha ha ha! 

Laurie and I spoke on friendship.  I was probably the least nervous I have ever been speaking with Laurie.  It just felt great to have her with me! We had a lot of fun.  Laurie told me the next day she was ready to go on the road together speaking.  So if you need a speaker for your next event - you can call our agent (otherwise known as me.) ha ha ha! 

It was fun to see a friend Leigh Ann from OBU days.  Her son is getting ready to go to OBU next year.  We talked about how we were jealous of our kids getting to go to OBU because we wish we could do it all over again and realize what a great time that was! 

Laurie and I with Brittney.  She is the one who planned the whole event.  She did a great job.  One of my favorite things was they gave away door prizes and every prize was something you had to share with a friend ...... like movie tickets or pedicures for two.  Such a cute idea for a "Friend" event! 

Scott and I had a work day on Saturday.  It was beautiful and warm.  I pulled weeds for hours and he did some other work outside.  My friend Marci took Hollis and Joseph to lunch and to a movie.  

While they were gone, we decided to go on a long walk since it was so nice outside. We went on  a trail near Crystal Bridges and ended up going down on the lawn and around a new area.  

We love this new Deer statue.  

We worked hard on Saturday and were all tired.  Scott and I were sitting in the living room Saturday night and suddenly we realized Hollis had showered and was in her bed at 6:30.  This has NEVER happened.  I was worried she was coming down with the flu but I guess she was just tired. She popped up bright eyed this morning.  

We went to church Sunday and then came home and rested.  

The girls had choir and GA's Sunday night.  This is Hollis and her best friend Kampbell.  Kampbell got these glasses a couple of weeks ago and hasn't taken them off since.  She's so cute.  I'm pretty sure Hollis will be wearing a pair too before I know it.  

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