Thursday, February 15, 2018

Happy Valentines

We had a great Valentines Day! 

I always try to set up a little Valentines breakfast for the kids.  I bought them little toys on the clearance aisle at Walmart after Christmas and also got little cookies made by my friend Robin.  The cookies weren't their breakfast - just a treat for later! :- ) 

Will Holden opened his door, saw the Valentine stuff and immediately started crying and saying "NO Valentines".  Almost three year olds are awesome.  :- 0

He perked up a little for a picture after breakfast. 

And then was mad again.  He keeps us on our toes. ha! Notice the girls just keep smiling! 

I got cute teacher gifts from my friend Robin.  She is crazy talented! 

Laurie and I took coffee over to Susan's house this morning to visit her.  We have been trying to have lunch but all of our schedules are so crazy that this is the best we could do.  We had a good visit.  

I ran right after over to the girls' school to go to Valentines parties.  I ran Harper's party and then went to Hollis' party for about 10 min.  It's tough when the parties are all at the same time but do what we can!  My favorite thing ever is when all the kids come running up to me and want to talk to me.  

Thank goodness for $5 kits at Target!!!

I normally get a sitter for Will Holden during parties because it's hard to take a sibling but today that didn't work out so I took him.  He was actually pretty good so I was thankful.  He was proud to see his sisters at their school! 

Hollis' class made bags so that was easy.  Two of Hollis' friends ran up to tell me they were Hollis' BFF's.  I thought that was so sweet.  I'm so thankful she has made friends.  

Scott and the kids sent me beautiful flowers.  

Joseph came over after school to bring Hollis a special valentine.  So sweet.  We had dinner at home and tried to get everyone to bed early.  

Valentines is so much sweeter with little kids.  Even ones that don't love Valentines! 

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