Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Disney Vacation - Animal Kingdom

So our third day at Disney was spent at Animal Kingdom.  I wasn't sure if I would like AK based on things I had heard but I actually really loved it! 

Our day started off a little rough because it was early magic hours so our plan was to get to the bus early and get to the park and run straight to Avatar to try to ride it twice that day.  Well we got to the bus about 5 minutes later than we meant to and the first bus was full.  And that 5 minutes made all the difference.  We still got to the park early but by the time we arrived the line was already 2 hours long. Apparently EVERYONE had the same plan.  

Sarah Kate managed to maintain her BBB hairdo a second day.  :-) 

Harper and I rocked our minnie mouse Target t-shirts this day and Hollis had the most adorable Minnie shirt from Adorable Essentials.    They have the CUTEST line of playground princess outfits if you are headed to Disney.  Super comfy and super cute.  I wish I had bought every one for Hollis. ha! 

The girls met Pocahontas first thing.  She is probably Harper's favorite princess for some reason.  She loves that movie.  

One of the first things we did was ride a Dinosaur ride.  It was SO much fun.  We rode it at least three times.  I don't love rides or roller coasters but I tried to take one for the team and ride as many as I could.  

Harper is my dare devil.  She LOVES roller coasters.  She and the men rode a lot of rides last week.  I love her face here! This was on the Everest ride.  Scott told me it was the most expensive roller coaster made.  Hollis wanted to ride all the big rides and I wouldn't let her and she's still mad at me.  So maybe next trip. ha! 

We had a fast pass for the safari.  It was really fun.  We saw a LOT of animals.  

We had dinner reservations at Riverside that night but we were SOOOOOOOOOOOO incredibly hot that day at Animal Kingdom and by 11 we were starving because we skipped breakfast so we ate an early lunch at Yak and Yeti and decided to just do quick service for dinner instead.  It was a GREAT decision.  They put us upstairs by ourselves and it was air conditioned and it just revived us.  And the food was really good.  

After that we rode the River ride and it felt good to get wet.  The line was long but worth it.  We also saw the Lion King show.  

Animal Kingdom had Coke Icees several places.  So no wonder I loved it - they were basically my people. 

One of my favorite things was the 3D Bug show.  If you go - you HAVE to do it!! It was SO cute! 

We had an afternoon fast pass for Avatar Flight of Passage.  I'm so thankful we could nab that.  The line averaged about 2.5 hours when we were there.   I had no idea what to expect.  

Let me tell you - this was the ABSOLUTE BEST RIDE that Disney has.  It's unbelievable.  It's like Soaring times 1000.  It's 3D virtual reality and it blew my mind.  We all loved it so much that we ended up changing our plans for the next day.  We were going to Hollywood and then to Epcot but instead we decided to come back to Animal Kingdom and wait in line to ride it again.  

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