Tuesday, August 29, 2017

These Days

First - I just want to say I can't think of much else than all my friends in Texas who are going through a horrific flood.  The pictures are so sad and I can't imagine the loss that thousands are experiencing.  I know there has been so much good and so much humanity through it all and I pray that doors will be opened for people to minister to those who are hurting.

Melanie wrote a great post about ways you can help.  I would really recommend giving to local churches who are right in the midst of things and can use the funds wisely.  Bayou city Fellowship and Champion Forest are just two I know can do good!

And mostly we can pray pray pray!!!!

We have been settling into our routine.  We still haven't started a couple of activities and won't until after Labor Day.  September is when life gets crazy.  I'm trying not to be overwhelmed but it's school carnivals that I have to help with and class parties and events coming up and schedules.  One day at a time! 

Well we experienced the eclipse last week.  We only had 92% totality.  Which I kind of thought meant it would still get dark and it didn't.  The girls had glasses at school so they had a great time.  I probably needed glasses to see how amazing it was.  I had so many friends drive to MO to see the 100% eclipse.  I'm going to wait around for 7 years because we will get a full eclipse then.  Can't wait! ha! 

I had a little run in with the bank drive thru last week.  They apparently make the drive thrus for tiny little compact cars.  I swung too wide and bam.  I should have it fixed soon thank goodness! 

Two more days and football season starts for us! We are ready! 

I just can't believe it's almost September!  So much to look forward to.  

So much to be hopeful for. 

We are praying for you Texas! 

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