Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Best Day

I shared this on social media - but for posterity - I wanted to put on here as well.  

Hollis prayed and asked Jesus to be her savior Sunday night. This has been coming for a while as she has understood what the Bible says and has recognized what sin is and what a relationship with Jesus means and her need for a savior. We have talked many times and always told her to come talk to us when she felt ready. 
One of the biggest blessings in our lives has been serving on the baptism committee at church. Our girls always go with us so they get to hear salvation stories all the time and witness people getting baptized. Sunday as she saw two kids share about being saved and getting baptized I could tell it was stirring in her heart. And later that day she told me she wanted to talk.
In true middle child fashion - she wanted her siblings to be in bed so she could be alone with us to talk about her decision. I love this about her. I also love her kind heart and her strong convictions. We pray that this is just the beginning of a lifetime journey to follow Christ for her. We plan to disciple her as she grows and pray God will place Godly mentors in her life. What a blessing and joy it is to witness your children choose Jesus!

We are planning for her to get baptized the end of next month when all of her grandparents can be here.  She would like it to be tomorrow! 

I get questions sometimes about what "being saved" means.......and I wrote this post to explain what we believe.  I love answering questions and am completely open and honored when you want to ask.  

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