Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New Kitchen Dining Area

I bought myself a glass kitchen table about 16 years ago when I bought my first house when I was single.  I was so proud of it.  But I've been ready for a change.  And three kids and their fingerprints don't go great with a glass table anyway.  So I've been wanting a big sturdy wood farmhouse table.  

Luckily - my dad has a workshop full of tools and a little more free time now that he's retired and he was kind enough to offer to make me a table.  

I found this one on Pinterest and it had plans with it.  

This was the table in progress.  I thought it turned out PERFECT!!!!!!  I told him he could go into table making business.  

And this is our new table! I got all the chairs on  

Of course when you change a few's that crazy domino effect.  Now I need a rug.  And I also want to paint all the walls a very light gray.  But the paint will have to wait a while.  A little change at a time.  

I got a new light on world market.  And the painting I'm in LOVE with is from TwoThirtyRoad

This is how it looked before.  

A little change is good! Thanks Dad!!! 

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