Monday, June 19, 2017

Me and my boy!

Last Thursday the girls and I took Will Holden to MDO and we went out to lunch. How cute is the teddy bear pancake? Or mickey mouse? We couldn't decide.  

Then we hit up Target for a few things and headed home to pack them up.  Scott and Steve went to south Arkansas for a "hunting" weekend on Thursday after lunch.   They usually go once in the summer to work on the land and get things ready for hunting season.  It's really just a good excuse for them to hang out in the woods and fish and eat.  They took the girls with them so they could spend a week with their grandparents.  

That left me and this boy.  We had such a fun time together.  I feel like a truck has run over me - he's so busy.  But it was sweet to have some special time with just him.  As rowdy as he is - he is equally as lovey.  He loves to hug and kiss me on the lips.  And I eat it up! 

Friday we went to the gym and had come home and ate lunch and I was doing some things before nap time when I got a text from Janet - a long time blog friend - who said she and her husband were driving through my town on their way to pick up their son from Kanakuk and where was a good place to eat lunch.  I told her but I was like "you are aren't coming to my town without me coming to see you!!!"  So I took my sweaty self up to see her.  And I was so glad I did.  I felt like I was getting to visit with an old friend and didn't care how I looked (or smelled).  ha! 

The rest of our weekend was a mixture of this.......

And this. 

Life with a two year old. ha! 

We played.  I cleaned out my closet.  We went to Sam's.  Twice.  We took food to friends who had surgery.  We caught up on laundry.  And when I say we I mean me when he was napping. 

Today we went to church.  It felt funny to be there on father's day without our father! But Scott came home this afternoon.  

And we were SO glad to see him.  

Meanwhile the girls are having the best time.  They are fishing and playing and enjoying every minute with their grandparents.  I spent weeks with my grandparents in the summer and they are some of my best memories.  I'm glad my kids get to experience the same thing! 

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