Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hot fun in the Summertime

Will Holden started a summer MDO program on Monday.  He wasn't happy at first but he had a really good day!  It's just for a few weeks but it gives me a few days to take the girls to do things that are hard with a toddler.  I also work 30 hours a week which can be a little tough to work in with kids at home without staying up past midnight every night.  

While he was at MDO, we went to swim team and then went to get lunch and went to another pool to swim some more.  This is the first summer that both girls can finally swim well so it's been a game changer.  For the first time in 8 years, I can sit in a chair nearby while they swim.  I was actually relaxed at a pool.  (Now it's going to be a few more years before I can take all three and relax - but it's just nice to know the day WILL come!) 

Tuesday after swim team, we went to a local trail and walked for a while.  My goal this summer is for the kids and I to move as much as possible. ha! 

Will Holden was ready for flag day today! 

The girls had swim team and then we went to our friend Joseph's house and ate lunch and swam for a few more hours.  

Will Holden's MDO teacher from this past year asked if she could take him to a park today because she has missed him.  I almost asked to take her temperature but we met up with her today and she hung out with him while we went to swim team.  How sweet is that? We have the BEST teachers at our preschool! 

These two have become SO close.  Hollis LOVES playing with Will Holden.  And Will is basically obsessed with his sisters.  He loses his mind if he has to be away from them (no one tell him the girls are headed to their grandparents next week).  It's so sweet but I also worry they are ruining him with all the attention.  ha! 

Today is Sarah Kate's birthday and she had a party at her house.  Harper had the best time! 

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