Wednesday, May 03, 2017


So first of all - if you are single or know anyone who is - you need to join this group! We have almost 600 members and AMAZING single women and men.  (And send all the single men you know! Seriously! They will strike GOLD!)

These are just a few snapshots of our life lately.  

Will Holden getting ready for the NFL draft.  

We got the new book by Alena Pitts and her mom Wynter this week - "Hello Stars" .  This is a great book for your girls ages 8-14ish.  It's a fiction book and the first in a series!!! It would make great summer reading for the girls in your life! 

My parents came over for a quick visit last week to celebrate Will Holden.  

I took lunch to the girls one day last week before I worked in the school office.  This girl is happy as long as she has a large quantity of ketchup to go with everything.  

My friend Joann and I ran the school office for a few hours while the office staff were out.  We had so much fun but we also realized the school office is CRAZY! 

My mom gave the girls these two matching shirts.  She got them from Dillards.  Aren't they cute? They used to always dress alike but it's harder now that they are older.  But it sure was cute for a day! 

This boy.  Always in a Mickey shirt! ha! 

Our school is counting down to the end of school with the ABC's.  Every day has a letter and something special.  Last week was beach day.  It was freezing and raining but we tried to dress as beachy as we could.  The girls love these theme days.  I heard someone say May was more busy than December and I would agree.  We have a ton of activities leading up to the end of school but it's so much fun! 

This weekend we had horrible rain and flooding.  Our house was fine but they had to close a lot of roads and several people (including several children) died.  Please pray for those families.  

We spent all of Saturday inside.  The kids never got out of their pajamas and at one point built a big pallet in the middle of the living room.  Will Holden loved it.  

We made it to church on Sunday.  It was good to be out of the house.  Will had to catch up on his phone calls.  

Our Sunday School class had a potluck after church.  It was great to eat and visit and all of our million kids just ran wild in the gym.  

Sarah Kate came over and spent the afternoon with us.  They had so much fun playing together.  I'm so thankful for how close these two are.  

Laurie and I met up with our two favorite Jennifer's yesterday for lunch.  I love these girls.  They are both in ministry and just have such a huge heart for Jesus and others.  We had the best time together.  

And speaking of fun places to eat and things to do - if you live in NWA - there is a great new website that is full of everything you could possibly want to know about NWA.  Check out

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