Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Good Good Father

Yesterday was the school talent show.  Harper has never wanted to try out for solos in choir at church so I couldn't believe it when she came home saying she thought she wanted to try out for the talent show.  She picked her favorite song to sing and tried out and made it.  She has practiced so much and was nervous but I was a thousand times more nervous.

I wrote this on my social media about it.

Eight and a half years ago on the night she was born, a doctor stood over my bed and said he didn't think she would live through the night. 

Six years ago we learned she had lost a lot of her hearing and would need hearing aids. 

Three years ago we found out her hearing was getting progressively worse. 

And today she stood in front of her entire public school at the talent show and sang her favorite song "Good Good Father". 

And He IS. 

He Is So Good.

I feel so overwhelmed to watch her up there singing about Jesus.  She was so brave to get up there and sing in front of everyone but I love the joy on her face! I was thankful that it gave her confidence!

Little sister was so proud.  We are trying to talk her into singing with Harper next year in the talent show! 

Scott's parents were able to come this week to see Harper sing and see Hollis graduate from kindergarten tomorrow. 

It was a very special day for our family.  

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