Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Remedy Road

If you know me - you know I LOVE my town.  We have the best downtown area that is becoming such a hotspot.  (I really need everyone to quit talking about how great Bentonville is because it's becoming a little TOO popular.  The hidden secrets are no longer secrets. ha!)

I wanted to tell you about a fairly new store in case you live in the area or you can shop online.  

It's called Remedy Road and it's very unique in the fact that 100% of their items they sell are fair trade and/or give back in some way.  And not just overseas but also here in the U.S.  

They have super cute stuff from clothing to jewelry to gifts to kid items.  

Things like jewelry by the Shine Project that goes to help inner city youth.  

Or socks that help the homeless in Austin, Texas.  

Some of you have seen my awesome Sseko bag and have asked about it.  Remedy Road carries a ton of really cute ones! These bags and shoes help women in Uganda go to college. 

Lisa is the owner.  She and her husband actually work in the medical field but she got involved with a friend who was selling one of the lines that carry in their store and she ended up going to India to see the purses and saw how selling items that give back or give good wages to people all over the world can make an impact and she knew she wanted to do something so they opened this store.  Lisa's daughter is one of Harper's best friends at school and I'm so glad I have gotten to meet her this year.  I love what they are doing and wanted to share it here with you! 

If you come to Bentonville - it's right on Central! 

And if you don't live nearby - you can shop online! Buy cute things and help others at the same time! Now that is a great concept! 

You can also follow them on Instagram here.  

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