Monday, April 03, 2017

Bats and Bees

Spring is officially here.  What is that saying about coming in like a lamb and going out like a lion? Or is it the other way around? I know that refers to the weather but I feel like it refers to the busy of the season as well.  

My little Mickey Mouse loving boy.  He's been so fun and happy lately.  He makes me laugh so hard. He's so smart and observant and his vocabulary gets bigger every day! 

I went with Harper's class on a field trip last week to a state park.  Harper was thrilled to pet a big snake.  Eek.  

It was fun to be with my big girl! 

Spring picture day.  Harper has given up bows.  She is just getting so big.  They both are!

Thank goodness I have this sleeping baby to keep me satisfied.  Why are sleeping babies so adorable? I can't help but sneak in his room every night to just stare at him.  

Laurie had a birthday over the weekend.  Tracy and I had a spontaneous lunch with her on Friday to celebrate! So thankful for my "sister".  

This girl makes me smile.  

Our school had a big fundraiser Friday night.  We host a big art auction where parents can bid on and buy their children's art projects and we also have a lot of silent auction items.  It's a lot of work but it really benefits our school.  I worked at it Friday night.  

Saturday it was a nice day so we decided to have a little adventure and check out some things in NWA we haven't done before.  We went and ate an early lunch in downtown Rogers.  

Will Holden doesn't always wait well for his food so I took him outside to play until the food came.  Luckily there is a neat little playground made to look like a train right across from the restaurant.  

Next we headed to War Eagle Caverns.  This is a big cave about 30 miles from where we live.  It is so pretty near the area.  

 Our girls had never been in a cave and they LOVED it.  Harper declared it "the best day of her life".  I'm thinking Disney World is going to blow her mind! ha! 

We had a really great guided tour.  Will Holden did not love it.  We had him in a stroller and he hates being in a stroller.  He wanted to explore the cave.  

We saw a TON of bats.  The roof of the cave was so low that we were eye level to most of the bats.  

We stopped at the Susie Q for drinks after and then we went to a park to play before going home and having dinner at home.  

Will Holden before church this morning.  I can barely stand how cute he is in this little Easter outfit.  

Harper went to a party today for a friend at school.  Afterward we headed to church to choir practice.  

Hollis' choir had a dress rehearsal for their program next week.  They are doing a little musical about Bees.  

My friend Robin made these cookies for a party we had after their practice.  ADORABLE! 

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