Monday, February 20, 2017

Hearts and Bugs

Well hello!!!

I have kind of taken a blog break in the last two weeks.  I had I think the flu for a few days ( I think because of course I never went to a doctor. ha!)  And I was wiped out.  Then I was just trying to catch up on life last week.  Then when I feel like life is finally back to normal, Will Holden woke up with the stomach bug this morning.  I haven't been to church in a month because he has been sick every Sunday.  And we are out of school two days this week so maybe we can finally be normal starting Wednesday! 

How sweet are these little Valentines of mine?

The kids had a great Valentines day last week! I got Hollis' castle as a kit for $5 at Target.  Best money ever spent.  Harper didn't have to make a box this year.  

This little guy is my special boyfriend! 

I went and helped with Hollis' party on Tuesday.  I foolishly said to myself "it's only an hour - I won't get a sitter" and took Will Holden.  Terrible idea.  I was SO hot trying to chase him and keep the party going.  Moral of the story - I will always have a  sitter from now on.  ha! We didn't even stay for Harper's party because he was done.  I peeked my head in and said hi at least! 

Joseph came over to give Hollis a special valentine.  Look how thrilled she looks! 

Friday night our church had Parent's Night Out so we decided to take advantage and go out to eat.  We decided last minute we wanted to go to one place and it was SWAMPED like couldn't even find a parking spot so then we went to another place and waited 40 minutes and decided we didn't want to wait any longer so we went back to the first place and got right in and had a great meal.  But our date was a little crazier than we expected.  But hey - we were alone! :-) 

I spent all day with this guy who was SUPER clingy and wanted to watch Mickey Mouse for 12 straight hours.  So we did.  He calls him "dot dot" because of the "Hot Dog" song.  Thankfully he only got sick this morning but just felt bad the rest of the day so hopefully we are almost over this bug.  

So that's been our life lately! Super exciting, right? 

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