Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Fellowship - Maegan Kufahl

Today my guest is one of my favorite people on the planet - my friend Maegan.  I'm late getting this up because I actually just spent all day with her yesterday and last night running a conference for the ministry we both work for.  This is us a few years ago when we both had brown hair acting silly.  We are both back to blond now and we are still silly.  Maegan makes me laugh harder than almost anyone I know.  Like stomach hurting bent over laughing.  She also makes me want to love Jesus more every time I'm with her.  She is the wive of one of our pastors at church and the mom to four the of the cutest, sweetest kids you will meet.  Maegan is an inspiration to me in how she mothers.  She is a runner and a wonderful cook.  And I always tell her she is the Arkansas Joanna Gaines.  I need to convince her to let me give you a home tour of her house one of these days - it's so cute! She has just amazing style.  She has three sisters and I'm always saying I wish I was a Naylor girl! ha! Maegan also has one of the most beautiful singing voices I have ever heard.  

Isn't her family beautiful? Our two youngest are the same age so we are trying to force them to be BFF's. ha! 

(The Naylor girls - Mae is the one blond)

1. My favorite food is a medium rare steak or mexican food or Gibson's Donuts in Memphis, Tennessee…I really can't decide! 

2. I love my LuLu Lemon Wunder Under pants…they are liquid gold and every mama needs a pair or two or three in her closet! 

3. I married the boy from my dreams, Hutch, and we have four Littles…Korbyn Audrey (11), Kash (10), Kampbell (6) and Kal Maverick (2)!

4. I think the most important quality in a friend is that they are willing to speak truth into your life! Someone who is honest even when it hurts. My deepest friendships are those that are the most honest with me, and that I can be honest with in return. 

5. Christ is constantly teaching me, changing me and stretching me in my faith. Recently I have been fixated on the life of Hannah and her son Samuel (I Samuel). My own Kal Maverick is almost 3 years old, the same age Samuel was when his mother Hannah took him back to the temple to live with Eli. Can you imagine? Samuel was only three years old, still a baby, still so tender and in need of a mother, yet Hannah trusted Christ and kept her promise to Him and gave her precious boy back to Him at such a young age. Can you wrap your mind around how her heart wanted to explode as she journeyed back home that day, alone, without Samuel?

 I am certain being a mama is one of the most difficult things we will do in this life, yet also the most rewarding! WE are constantly learning the process of giving our children back to Christ, trusting Him with their lives from the earliest age, to when we drop them off at college each year. It is a process of letting go, and it just hurts so bad, yet in the hurt, this is where I find Christ, His faithfulness, His goodness, and His promises to be true. (I am currently reading through Portraits of Devotion, a daily, one year devo book, by Beth Moore. My friend Rachel recommended it to me and I really have enjoyed it.) 

6. BLAH...My biggest fear is losing Hutch or one of my Littles (It is hard to even type that out).

7. SO I have a lot of things I think are really great, so here you go...Clad & Cloth & Madwell (Clothes), Fixer Upper, Queen Victoria & When Calls the Heart (television), Zumba with my girlfriends (Fitness), Nickel & Suede (Earrings), and Becca Concealer (Makeup) to name a few!

8. My biggest failure(s) is not trusting God, or not being more patient with my family, or not being on my knees more, or not being so very grateful for God's provisions... and on a lighter note, not saying no to cute note pads at Homegoods, or no to another pack of Sharpie Pens at Walmart. I really just have so many! 

9. For fun I like to watch movies with my family, have breakfast at The Station Cafe (a downtown Bentonville spot), shop our local Goodwills & Flea Markets, and read Kelly's Korner! 

10. My daughter Korbyn has three bunnies! They live outside, and she takes care of them all by herself! These are all the pets we have!

(This picture is SO Hutch and Maegan that it had to be included) 

11. I am an old soul when it comes to movies so here are a few of my favs... Oklahoma, White Christmas, Hoosiers, The Big Country, and Up Close and Personal (oh I adore Michelle Pfeiffer in this movie!) 

12. I was held back in 1st Grade because my scissor skills were lacking in every direction! 

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