Monday, January 30, 2017

A few things

Oh this boy.  He's just so fun.  He's getting so close to TWO!!!! Seriously - how did that even happen? He's so busy but he's also equally sweet.  He loves to hug and kiss and snuggle.  I could just eat him up with a spoon.  

WELL......if you follow me on instagram - you know I had a little momma drama last week.  I have NO crafting abilities and in facts - crafts make me break out in a sweat.  So this past Friday was 100 days of school.  So the kids could dress like 100 year old people or put 100 things on a shirt.  (This is just for kindergarteners at our school).  Hollis flat out refused to dress like an old person so we were roaming Walmart on Thursday afternoon trying to find something to put on a shirt.  And I got tickled because there were tons of moms there doing the same thing.  So we came home and made a gumboil shirt.  Cute, right? 

Then Friday morning when she got dressed - the balls starting falling off.  So we made an emergency trip to Walmart and bought another shirt and 100 bandaids.  The girls slapped them on the shirt in the car while we took Will Holden to school.  We were 30 minutes late to school and OF COURSE it was school assembly day and I was in sweats and no make up because I hadn't planned to get out of the car that morning and now I had to go inside and stay for a little bit.  So Friday morning started out awesome. 

But this sweet girl was happy and proud of her band aid shirt so that's all that matters! :-) It's something we will remember and laugh about when she is in college. 

Friday night Harper spent the night with Sarah Kate.  They have the sweetest friendship - they just adore each other.  

We had a lazy day most of Saturday.  It was a cold day and we just stayed home and got things done.  Then in the afternoon we went to a glow in the dark inside mini golf place.  The girls loved it.  We also visited Petsmart because it's fun just to look at the animals. (Who can beat a free zoo? I'm also thankful kids are easily entertained at this age).  And then we went to dinner at 4:30.  ha! 

Today was church and more church and a lot of belly laughs from this guy.  

And I put this on my instastory and I wanted to share here but I got a beautiful cross from Rad Joy.  It's a surrender cross.  It has nails on it and they give you paper to write your burdens or requests and you literally nail them to the cross and surrender your worries/burdens/requests to Him and they can serve as a daily reminder to you.  It's a beautiful way to put a literal depiction of this surrender in plain sight for your family to see every day.  You can get them here.

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